Georgiadis to SKAI: By the end of next week, the market pass platform will be ready

Georgiadis to SKAI: By the end of next week, the market pass platform will be ready

The Minister of Development and Investment pointed out that there will be a Lenten and Easter basket

“By the end of next week, the platform for the shopping card will be ready,” Minister of Development and Investments Adonis Georgiadis told SKAI and the show “Kalimera” with George Autias.

“From the moment the platform opens, you will be able to use the card. 8,500,000 citizens are entitled to this benefit. We will not leave any grandmother and any grandfather, whom we love and respect, without being able to get the money they are entitled to,” added Mr. Georgiadis, emphasizing: “The market pass, like the basket, is copied by other Europeans. Tomorrow I have a multi-member delegation from another country at the Ministry of Development to explain to them how we made the law on profiteering, how we made the basket and how it works, to explain to them the market pass”.

Also, Mr. Georgiadis emphasized that there will be a Lenten and Easter basket. “By Wednesday we will announce the 9 additional categories that will enter the household basket, permanently. Everything that people have asked for will go into the basket. The basket of 51 categories that are now, will increase to 60. In this way, we will be able to meet the needs of consumers who asked for it and we will also put them within the perimeter of protection. From the beginning of Lent we will have the Lenten basket and as soon as we enter Holy Week we will have the Easter basket”, he said.

“64% of consumers buy and search for products from the household basket. The household basket has gained a very large share of the daily market in supermarkets. Because whoever buys from the basket earns money. The basket has kept many industries from making new increases for fear of losing customers, and has led them to make many new offers. If you add up the basket and the shopping card, the monthly benefit for shopping is more than 100 euros”, he said characteristically.

Regarding the auctions, Mr. Georgiadis wondered “Tsipras had given an order to the police and they had arrested Panagiotis Lafazanis because he was going to block auctions. Now did Tsipras remember the auctions?” and added: “Tsipras stated that once he becomes Prime Minister, his first move is to repeal the Tsipras Law.”

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