Event, at the Ministry of Citizen Protection in memory of the policemen, women and men, who have fallen in the line of duty was held today in the presence of Minister Takis Theodorikakos.

As part of the event, it was held memorial prayer in the Holy Church of Panmegisto Taxiarhon, while wreaths were then placed at the Memorial of Fallen Policemen, which is located at the entrance of the ministry’s building facilities.

At the event they attended the Deputy Minister of Citizen Protection, Eleftherios Oikonomou, the Minister of Health Athanasios Pleuris, the Regional Governor of Attica Giorgos Patoulis, the General Secretary of Public Order, Michael Karamalakis, the General Secretary of Anti-Crime Policy, Konstantinos Papathanasiou, the Secretary of the Political Committee of the New Democracy Pavlos Marinakis, the Chief of the Hellenic Police, Lieutenant General Konstantinos Skoumas, representatives of the Local Government, as well as trade union bodies of the Hellenic Police.

Referring to Mr. Theodorikakos to the policemen who fell in the line of duty, he said that “we owe them a lot because they connected their lives with giving to the country and the citizens”, adding that the policemen, women and men who fell in the line of duty are “symbols of self-sacrifice and dedication – We will never forget them

The memorial speech of the Minister of Citizen Protection in detail:

“Today we honor our police officers who fell in the line of duty. Those men and women who have consciously chosen to connect their lives with the practical philosophy of contribution to the homeland, and an attitude of responsibility towards the Greek people and each individual citizen.

To carry out their mission which involves countless hours on duty and countless risks.

Among us, therefore today, not only are present all the current officers of the Greek Police, but mainly the souls of those who with their very lives honored the coat of arms and the sacred values ​​it reflects are with us. Creating an invisible net around us devotion, self-sacrifice and self-sacrifice that at this time surrounds each and every one of those who actively and institutionally serve the Greek Police today.

The weight and void of loss for their families is enormous and we owe them a lot over time. As we owe to their loved ones, those who brought them into life and raised them, their life partners and their children. We honor them and will always be by their side, just as they will forever belong to the Greek Police family.

As his political leadership

we must do all we can to increase the safety of those at risk in response to the highest mission of citizen and homeland security.


We stand by our police officers with actions, facing problems, providing solutions, initiating changes and reforms for a modern, humane, efficient, transparent police force, a Police that stands alongside society, with respect for democratic legitimacy and dedicated to its mission. The unity of our police officers themselves and the continuous cooperation of all the institutional actors of the Ministry and ELAS is a condition for our continuous and effective action. So we continue. With a plan, hard work and determination. Honoring with deeds the people who left the line of duty”.