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“We are ready for elections, whenever the Prime Minister decides,” Interior Minister Makis Voridis told SKAI.

Speaking on the show “Kalimera” and to Giorgos Autias, he stated that “the landscape is politically undermined by the choice of SYRIZA”, simple analogy. Mr. Tsipras had in mind to change the ND-SYRIZA bipartisanship and move it to the left-right bipolarity because he estimates that if the leftists from one side and the rightists from the other get together, there will be more leftists. In the end, he doesn’t get the script because it has to contain a political discourse, an ideological identity”

N. Pappas is guilty of breach of duty

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“Mr. Pappa was convicted because he used his status and in order to manipulate this competitive process to build the SYRIZA-Channel together with Kalogritsa. Pappas violated his duties in order to manipulate the media”, said the Minister of the Interior, posing the question “when we like the court’s decision there are Judges in Athens, when we do not like the decision of the Supreme Special Court, it is a political decision. Are the 13 Judges a political decision?”

“The diamonds of morality that point the finger at us