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“The unanimous conviction of Mr. Pappas in the Special Court has opened the bag of Aiolos in SYRIZA and brings Mr. Tsipras face to face with his mirror, which is none other than polarization. Polakism is the highest stage of a kind of politics, Syrizaism, which was inspired, nurtured and magnified by Mr. Tsipras, systematically covering for Mr. Polakis,” government spokesman Yannis Oikonomou said in a statement after yesterday’s post by SYRIZA MP Pavlos Polakis and the unanimous and irrevocable conviction by the Special Court of also SYRIZA MP Nikos Pappas.

“Although Mr. Polakis – in a crescendo of fascism and terrorism – threatens our fellow citizens, all Mr. Tsipras dares to attribute to him is a “personal crusade” against the “regime”, without a single word of disapproval for his fascist positions , through which people are targeted and prescribed. Mr. Tsipras seems, for the umpteenth time, minimal in managing major issues. Mr. Polakis should have been expelled from the SYRIZA parliamentary group yesterday. In order for Mr. Tsipras to deal with the political pathology he created, he must not only do the obvious, but also disapprove, by reason and deed, of the core of polarization: the questioning of institutions, attacks on the judiciary, the targeting of journalists, slander and targeting people. In order for the disapproval of the pathogenicity within SYRIZA to be convincing, the immediate deletion from the party and the removal from the ballots of Mr. Pappas, unanimously and irrevocably condemned for breach of duty, is also required. Unless his oldest and closest partner “holds” him so tightly, that only when we find out with what will we understand how it is possible for them to continue, after a unanimous condemnation, to be in cahoots. We will find out, because sooner or later everything comes to light”, notes Mr. Economou in his statement.