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The nationwide march for the train accident and the tragedy in Tempi, was at the center of a confrontation between the parliamentary representatives, the government and the opposition on the causes and responsibilities, on the occasion of the debate in the plenary session of the Parliament, the bill of the Ministry of Education for ” the prevention and treatment of violence and bullying in schools”.

The ND parliamentary representative, Yannis Vroutsis he spoke of perennial problems, emphasized that the current government is not the only one to blame for this tragedy, and accused SYRIZA of creating a climate of division and polarization.

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“The problems have been perennial, and it is not only the responsibilities in this government. It is a timeless system which has its own responsibilities depending on the periods of government. Is the finger pointed by SYRIZA at the government that we are totally responsible the absolute truth? Didn’t you rule? Did you solve the problems yourself? The problems were perennial and were not dealt with,” said Mr. Vroutsis and continued:

“Of course, we look with sadness and pain at the parents and families of the victims. But at the same time we think that we have to solve the problem so that we don’t experience such tragedies again. And for that, we all have to work together. Incendiary statements and statements should not be made. Cool, unifying voices need to be heard. Unfortunately, however, SYRIZA, with the positions of its executives, is trying to create a climate of division and polarization. We will not follow them but we will respond responsibly to the problems. We said a sincere big apology to the Greek people and we are moving forward to provide solutions”.

Earlier, the parliamentary representative of SYRIZA, Panos Skourletis, he spoke of an unprecedented pan-Hellenic protest gathering led by young people who, as he said, demand that there be no cover-up for the murder of children in the crime of Tempe, he described the Prime Minister’s apology as hypocritical and insincere while he attributed “criminal responsibilities” to the government.

At the same time, he called on the government to answer whether it covers the Minister of Development, Adonis Georgiadis, who, as he said, “stated with absolute cynicism that the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport could not tell children not to get on the trains”.

“The relentless questions remain unanswered and multiply. Why the OSE was discredited and why criminal decisions were made by your government leading to this tragic night. Your responsibilities are huge and criminal and you cannot cover them with the hypocritical statements of your executives and the prime minister who hastened to the easy solution of spreading blame. It is a perpetual crime of yours. You are politically guilty. You choose a destructive game by cultivating the perception that we are all the same, but we do not reduce your own responsibilities”, pointed out Mr. Skourletis.

“I express my deepest condolences to the families of the victims. After the apology expressed by the Prime Minister, what needs to be done is for justice to quickly assign the responsibilities, and as he himself committed to take all the necessary measures and to modernize the network so that this accident does not happen again never again”, emphasized the chairman of the Educational Affairs Committee of the Parliament, Vassilis Digalakis.

The parliamentary representative of SYRIZA, Nikos Philis he emphasized that this unprecedentedly large demonstration in Athens about the crime of Tempe, took place “in a climate of mourning but also anger of the young children, who claim the right to life but also a dignified position in society”, as he said.

The parliamentary representative of PASOK-KINAL, Nadia Giannakopoulouspoke of “a national tragedy that has flooded Greek society with sadness and justified anger, which is waiting for answers to the many and relentless questions that have arisen”.

“The whole society demands clear answers, demands initiatives, demands taking responsibility so that no tragic accident happens again”, he stressed.

“You cannot stop the anger of the people, which is a swollen river that will drag you down and punish the perpetrators of the crimes and the policy that creates the conditions for prescribed high-fatality accidents and leads the people and the new generation to a dead end,” he stressed. the parliamentary representative of the KKE, Nikos Karathanasopoulos.

The parliamentary representative of the Hellenic Solution, Vassilis Billiardoshe spoke of a government crime and of a foretold accident he added that the tragedy of Tempe with dozens of victims is the worst thing that has happened in the last decades”.

“It was due to something prescribed. But the government does not seem to have realized this. No one is taking responsibility for this massive crime,” he added.

The parliamentary representative of MeRA25, Cleon Grigoriadis, he spoke of “eternal responsibilities of all the memorial governments that let the infrastructure of the OSE fall into disrepute while talking about the timeline of a foretold tragic accident”.

“In this grand gathering in Athens, society’s demand was universal, for the right to life, to assign responsibility to those who led to the murder of so many souls and to fully investigate the causes of the accident in Tempi,” he emphasized.