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When Nikos Androulakis refers to the formation of a government, New Democracy and SYRIZA “run” to decode what exactly he means. The change in the political scene brought about by the accident in Tempe makes the confrontation of simple analogy even more crucial. If the ruling faction does not manage to “gather” its voters by the time of the elections, according to many, the cooperation government will be the only way forward. The majority still believe in self-reliance, but now the political environment is fluid. His placement Nikos Androulakis on “Radio Thessaloniki” caused many reactions: “All this theory creates the feeling that there will be no government. There will be a government. The issue is what government there will be. We said. Do we want cooperative governments? Cooperation governments are an obstacle to the arrogance of the powerful,” he said and sparked debate.

It is not the first time that the president of PASOK has made such a statement. At the end of January, from the platform of the Central Committee, he had spoken of a government from the first Sunday without bargaining for ministerial positions. A statement that had rung a “bell” in Koumoundourou, as at that time the “scissor” with New Democracy did not go below 7-8 points.

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The line drawn by Harilaou Trikoupi does not change. They know that now more than ever, PASOK is the “beautiful bride” that everyone wants to approach. If possible, New Democracy would erase the wiretapping case and SYRIZA would delete the recent “serious conversations” that have been heard, that the cooperation with Kyriakos Mitsotakis could be a “product of blackmail”. From Harilaou Trikoupi, they wish to appear as the force of stability in this political “puzzle” of possible partnerships. It is what the electorate is looking for. There are two conditions: The percentage must be strong and there must be a programmatic agreement. The logic of the “lost vote”, which for a long period the two “big men” tried to communicate, has passed irretrievably, they believe in Charilaou Trikoupi. The independent course of the Movement is the proof that the citizens were asking for that the support of PASOK can lead to the formation of a government, without inconveniences and consecutive polls. Nikos Androulakis is constantly “building” the faction’s narrative by investing in the moderate centrist audience that does not want the instability of consecutive elections. After the disaster of Tempe, after all, an allied government will be more “controllable” so that the pathologies of the past can be corrected.

An ally in the strategy followed by the president of PASOK is the former prime minister, Costas Simitis, as he influences a critical public in the center. “Stable and balanced is the attitude of Nikos Androulakis in this turbulent period. PASOK is a useful – and critical – factor in the political scene,” he recently stated in the magazine “Economic Review”. Political time will be dense until May 21st. During this period, there are movements from the blue camp to the gray zone, which in Harilaou Trikoupi they wish to reap. The small drop recorded in the latest polls is a result of the protest vote that appears after the accident in Tempe.