SYRIZA-PS accuses Kyriakos Mitsotakis of “gross hypocrisy”, as stated in a statement issued by the party’s press office.

Specifically, Koumoundourou reports: “Mr. Mitsotakis, who has been in hiding for 17 days, after the vulgar denial of responsibility, appeared today under the instructions of his American communicator in Maroussi, under the protection of MAT and OPKE squads as well as transported ND supporters who appeared as allegedly “residents cheering him on”.

He also emphasizes that “his gross hypocrisy is not only confirmed by his study exclusively of communication and suffrage over tragedy. Not even from the fact that he ruled for 4 years with corruption and incompetence and now he allegedly remembered to deal with the clientelistic and anachronistic state”.

“It is also confirmed by his audacity to talk about “vindication of the victims” of Tempi, while in order to renounce his responsibilities he has made Mr. Gerapetritis tell vulgar lies that the remote control center in Larissa was working, only to be denied by employees , the OSE, station masters and finally also television crews who reveal a yap where until July 2019 there was the remote control center”, the announcement concludes.