“The silence of Mitsotakis – Theodorikakos regarding the serious complaints of the former Leader of ELAS, Mr. Skoumas, simply confirms that there is something very rotten in the Ministry of Citizen Protection under the Mitsotakis government”, says SYRIZA-PS in a statement.

He also emphasizes that “the former Leader of ELAS, whose term was renewed just a month ago, was suddenly replaced yesterday, leaving heavy shadows over the latest crises of ELAS and talking about unconstitutional and opaque actions and about power centers that interfere with the Greek Police ».

“And all this while there have been previous revelations about transactions and placements in critical positions of ELAS by the Greek Mafia. Mitsotakis and Theodorikakos can no longer hide and remain silent,” adds the official opposition.

“So that there is absolutely no shadow, the former Chief Mr. Skoumas must be immediately summoned to the Parliament’s Institutions and Transparency Committee to explain what he means when he says: “I will not be a scapegoat because I respected the Constitution,” concludes Koumoundourou.