His announcement caused reactions in all opposition parties Kyriakou Mitsotakis for holding the elections in May. Although the prime minister, in the interview he gave to Alpha, did not set a specific date, it caused a wave of reactions in all the opposition parties, which expressed their protest because they have not been informed about the intentions of Megaros Maximos.

“I can tell you with certainty that the elections will be held in May. They won’t be in July. And they won’t take place – it would be unthinkable to say that the elections will take place in July – because a second ballot may be needed. Very likely,” said Kyriakos Mitsotakis, who insisted on his goal, which is none other than self-reliance: “I will continue to defend the need for the second ballot. Because the second ballot box is the one that can give self-reliance, that this is the right solution for the country. The first ballot should tell us “who” should rule the country. The second, if necessary, – which I consider very likely to be necessary – will also indicate to us “how” the country will be governed”.

Reactions from the opposition parties

The Prime Minister’s “announcement” provoked the immediate reactions of the opposition parties, with SYRIZA’s representative, Popi Tsapanidou, stressing: “Since nothing works for him anymore, he announced, through the show he set up, elections in May, writing in the old his shoes the Parliament, the other parliamentary parties and the President of the Republic herself. He challenged SYRIZA to clarify before the elections to which parties and which program the so-called progressive governance translates into.

In a statement, the KKE emphasized: “The dilemma of the elections is obvious: Either we will continue down the same dead-end path by giving amnesty to those responsible for the various “crimes” against the people, or the anger, “neither of the two” will get radical features in the context of another road’.

The head of Hellenic Solution, Kyriakos Velopoulos said: “He just told us in May. We are sorry that he plays with the institutions and is inferior to the circumstances.”

Yanis Varoufakis (MeRA25) for his part commented: “He is essentially announcing the 2nd ballot in July when the youth, who are determined to vote against him, will not be able to vote.”

Against PASOK

Controversy also broke out with PASOK, on ​​the occasion of the Prime Minister’s statement on the invitation to meet Nikos Androulakis, after the latter’s election to the presidency of the Movement.

“When I asked Mr. Androulakis after he was elected to meet, to get to know each other, new party leader… He refused the meeting, he refused to meet me twice. I asked him to meet and he refused to see me. You can draw your own conclusions about how easy or difficult it can be to negotiate on these terms,” ​​said Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

The answer of Dimitris Mantzou, the representative of PASOK, was immediate:

“It also entered the zone of audacity … for the Prime Minister from whose court the great nephew operated a wiretapping system to do this. The only interest in this meeting would be to tell him when and why and the product of the wiretapping.”

New Democracy came back with a response to PASOK’s claims, stating in a statement:

“The invitation of the Prime Minister was addressed twice to Mr. Androulakis 8 months before this case (observation included). Obviously, there are other reasons why Mr. Androulakis refused.”

The possible dates of the elections

The country is now in the final stretch to set a specific date for the elections, with the opposition pressuring the prime minister to make announcements.

The scenarios, however, are now very specific.

There are two possible dates for the first election contest:

21 (more likely) or 28 May (in the second case they are likely to coincide with the possible repeat elections in Turkey)

How will the process develop in this case:

– From April 20 to 24 we will have the dissolution of the Parliament.

-From May 22 to May 31 (or from May 29 to June 4), the investigative orders and the meeting of political leaders under the President of the Republic will take place.

– An interim prime minister will be appointed

– The swearing-in will take place in the Parliament

-This will be followed by the re-dissolution of the Parliament and the announcement of the second elections, since no government has been formed.

– The second elections are expected to be set for July 2.

The pivotal role of PASOK and the conditions it sets for co-government

The formation of relationships after the tragedy in Tempi have changed to a significant extent, with PASOK playing an even more important role in the formation of the next government.

Mr. Androulakis has declared himself open to collaborations, however setting three conditions:

1)Strong double digit rate

2) Programming agreement

3) No Prime Ministers Mitsotakis – Tsipras