An earthquake has been caused in Turkey by Bob Menendez’s new refusal to sell F-16s to Turkey.

As SKAI correspondent Manolis Kostidis reports from Istanbul, the Turks are annoyed with his speech and consider that he said a lot about Turkey in the 90 seconds he spoke, making references not only in Greek-Turkish, but also referring to the S300 from Russia and for the conversion of Hagia Sophia from a museum to a mosque.

The Turkish media report that he “asked provocative questions to Blinken”, while noting that “his relationship with the Greek lobby is known”.

“The chairman of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Bob Menendez, has once again targeted Turkey. He asked foreign secretary Anthony Blinken provocative questions and tried to explain why the sale of F-16s to Turkey should not take place.

Once again in the speech of Democratic Senator Bob Menendez the target was Turkey and to block the sale of F-16s to Turkey he made many allegations in an attempt to tarnish Turkey’s image.

Menendez, who is known for his approach to the Greek lobby, and his hostility towards Turkey made his reappearance. He ignored the violations committed by Greece in the airwaves and in the waters of the Aegean, he accused Turkey and brought up the issue of Ankara’s purchase of a Russian anti-aircraft system from Russia and said that ‘in such a country the sale of F-16s is not worth it’ ».

Haberturk: ​​The Biden administration accuses Turkey of human rights and excludes it

As Haberturk’s Washington correspondent Ali Cinar reported, “there are many ‘difficulties’ for the F-16s.”

In detail, Cinar emphasized: “Menendez showed this. We have read the report of the Biden administration concerning human rights which consists of 103 pages and criticizes Turkey with heavy accusations.. Just as the Biden administration did not invite Turkey to the Republic Summit this year which will be organized for the second time this year. This can also be seen as a message to Turkey.

The issue of F-16s was raised this time during the presentation of US Secretary of State Anton Blinken when he was presenting his ministry’s budget. The chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, Bob Menendez, criticized Turkey with heavy accusations and reiterated that he will not support the sale of F-16s to Turkey. Also, to the question he asked Blinken, “how would you characterize Turkey when there are so many problems,” Blinken answered as “difficult ally,” and I think this word shows the difficulties of bilateral relations.