Response to an article in the Documento newspaper the Deputy Minister of Development and Investments gives with his statement Nikos Papathanasis, stating the following:

“Once again the misery of Documento continues and it is adopted by SYRIZA. Trying to build yet another character assassination narrative, he uses evidence concerning a parent’s transfer of real estate to his three children thirteen years ago.

In particular, the case concerns parental allowance to my three children in 2010 of 50% of our apartment. The specific apartment was bought with a mortgage, and it carries the balance of the mortgage until today, which is serviced normally.

The loan of 1.8 million euros that Documento refers to is not my personal loan, but a corporate loan from 2005 and in which I entered as a guarantor. The corporate loan in question was granted to a company, from whose management and from the board of directors I left eighteen years ago.

I have never been convicted of a criminal offense and criminal proceedings have never been initiated against me for this specific case, as the SYRIZA announcement falsely states.

It is also a lie that I owe insurance funds. I have no debt to insurance funds and the State.

Finally, let me inform SYRIZA that there has been no waiver of my guaranty responsibility for this debt.

With regard to the specific lawsuit, an appeal was filed and a compromise has been reached taking into account the existing mortgage, which, as mentioned above, is being serviced normally.’

It is noted that with today’s publication the newspaper “Documento” claims that Mr. Papathanasis “hid his property so that it would not be confiscated” and that “he owed 1.8 million euros”.