The political confrontation that has erupted after the “veto” exercised by the president of PASOK-KINAL is increasingly escalating. Nikos Androulakis to Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the president of SYRIZA-PS, Alexis Tsipras saying that in the event that there is no self-reliance in the elections, he will not propose either of them as prime minister, but a political figure.

THE Evangelos Venizelos who took a position on the words of Mr. Androulakis clarified that he is not interested in the position. In his statement to “Proto Thema” he said: “All other issues, including persons, depend on the electoral and parliamentary correlations. Ultimately by the will of the electorate. It would, I believe, help public debate and common sense if we stopped challenging the obvious. And anyone who marks the obvious as “interested”!”

In his turn, George Papandreou declared in favor of the placement Androulakis said: “Many are now asking about the composition of the new Government. I think they got a clear answer from our President, Nikos Androulakis. First, we call on the Greek people to vote for PASOK – Movement for Change. And as he himself said, if there is a programmatic agreement – but only if there is -, then of course the composition of the government should be discussed in specific terms”.

Guest in the morning on SKAI and the show of Giorgos Autias, the Minister of Education, Niki Kerameos stated: “I was surprised. What Mr. Androulakis said is institutional disrespect. You can’t say vote for me but it is unknown X who will be the Prime Minister. We seek a self-reliant government. Self-reliance does not necessarily mean only with ND officials”.

The SYRIZA MP candidate, Panagiotis Rigas also a guest on the show of Giorgos Autias, he said that: “K. Mitsotakis is currently a factor of instability. He can’t get self-reliance. It can be seen from everywhere. All these movements show panic. SYRIZA will be and should be the first party.”

PASOK’s position, which is summed up in neither Mitsotakis nor Tsipras, for the PTH, is a fixed position that Nikos Androulakis has had for a very long time, since his election. In the opinion polls, nobody is ahead of CM and AT.” pointed out the also invited o Secretary of Political Planning PASOK – KINAL, Panagiotis Doudonis.

However, both government MPs and the official opposition party make it clear how the leader of the first party will also be the prime minister the next day.

“There is no more democratic rule than the President and the leader of the first party being the PF. You want to make a step by step intervention which is highly undemocratic and you are obviously hiding something” stated her MP ND, Babis Papadimitriou.

The leader of the first party, that is, Alexis Tsipras, will be PTH. From there on, we are clearly also addressing PASOK, which is an integral part of the broader progressive space” said the SYRIZA member of parliament, Marilisa Xenogiannakopoulou.

“PASOK – KINAL seeks a strong vote, a strong double-digit percentage that will give us the right to succeed, because the word imposition in democracy is not correct, to achieve programmatic convergences on our own positions” underlined the representative of PASOK-KINAL, Dimitris Manzos.

An attack on Nikos Androulakis was also launched by George Karatzaferis speaking today on the show of Giorgos Autias. “He says ‘let’s vote and then we’ll see who will be the prime minister.’ What he says shows a weakness of arguments and a weakness of self-belief” commented and predicted that PASOK will find itself with a single-digit percentage in the elections.

Speaking about Nikos Androulakis he said: “The child is infinite. He burned bridges with reason.”