The Minister of Environment and Energy announced to SKAI and the Incongruous the creation of an electronic platform that will constantly monitor any abuses Kostas Skrekas in the shadow of reports about heaps of urban planning violations in Mykonos.

As the minister explained, “the platform will has been taking aerial photos since 2011 until today, and where we see on the ground that there will be abuses, fines will be imposed”.

“In this way we will constantly monitor the evolution, the changes on earth, and we will be able to prevent arbitrariness from the beginning” he noted.

Kostas Skrekas clarified that “the control will be systematic, we will start from the arbitrary constructions on the beach and proceed to all the complaints that there are complaints, comparing the 2011 map with what is happening today.”

“Insufferable fines”

“The political will is clear, the decision of Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the government is absolute, we will not allow arbitrariness to be legalized and the delinquency to continue, or they will be forced to pay unaffordable fines for erecting and maintaining the arbitrariness, which becomes uninteresting to maintain an arbitrary one”. “Except for the cases where we will necessarily be led to issue definitive demolition protocols” the minister explained.

“We have brought to the central service of the Ministry of Interior the issuance of new permits for the construction of buildings, and we have frozen the construction of new buildings in the off-plan construction until the special urban planning plan is completed by the end of the year” noted Mr. Skrekas.

“Two Interventions”

As he pointed out, controls will be carried out in Mykonos by environmental inspectors and financial police, and fines will be imposed for the arbitrary.

“By order of the prime minister, we proceeded with two interventions. Firstly, by legislative intervention we enable the central environment and energy agency, environmental inspectors and building inspectors, not only for inspections, but also for the imposition of fines for environmental crimes or violations. Second, we enable the GM. Spatial Planning to introduce mixed levels of financial police – environmental inspectors, and building inspectors for on-site inspections”.

Resident of Mykonos: “Nothing should be demolished”

“Nothing should be demolished in Mykonos,” said lawyer Alexandra Dimos, a resident of the island. “Nothing should be demolished… It is not possible to demolish the arbitrary, are detected with the naked eye… To collect the fines, construction and demolition fines, according to the law and not to create others. There is no other way,” he argued. “Do you know how many arbitrary square meters we have in Mykonos? If there is no number” he said characteristically.

Even though he declared himself “not Mitsotakis”, he said that “if it weren’t for Mitsotakis’ interest in demolishing the tyrants and the mayor’s interest in strengthening Mykonos with police, nothing would be done, not even now”.