He characterized his speech today as “the first step that will bring political change and justice”. Kalamata the president of SYRIZA-PS, Alexis Tsiprassending “the message of determination and hope, the message that the progressive government that the country needs will be implemented in a few weeks from today.”

“With a clean face. Clean political record. Clear sentences. Clean hands. We claim the people’s vote to change the country. Let’s bring justice back to the place”, he said, starting his speech, expressing his belief that SYRIZA-PS will “make it”. “We are more ready, more mature, more experienced, but also more determined than ever for this,” said Al. Tsipras, emphasizing that “the change is each of us”, “the worker, the unemployed, the young, the small and medium-sized, the farmer, the retired, who claim a better tomorrow”.

“In this crucial, but electoral battle, we all come with the weight of mourning and anger. When young people take the train and instead of ending up in the arms of their own, they end up dying, then the time has come for us all to say a phrase, regardless of what we believe, which party we voted for, which ideas move us: Here we go! It doesn’t go any further!”, he underlined, adding that “all the ugliness of the state advertised as a staff met in the valley of Tempe with dramatic consequences”. “The dissolution of the public sector and any structure to protect people. The obsession with murky deals for the profiteering of big interests. Partisanism, financialism, bribery, swindling. Ultimately, the indifference is not only for the everyday life of ordinary people, but also for life itself”, he said characteristically, while clarifying that “this unspeakable tragedy is not a matter for pre-election exploitation”.