After all the material, the Prime Minister granted an interview Kyriakos Mitsotakis in the newspaper “Parapolitika” where, among other things, he directed his “fires” against Alexis Tsipras, essentially characterizing his pre-election announcements as baseless and dangerous, stressing that they could lead to a new memorandum.

The prime minister, in a profound confession to the newspaper “Parapolitika”, opens his papers both for now and for the next day of the election May 21st saying, among other things, that new tax cuts are coming in the next four years.

Mr. Mitsotakis directly targets Koumoundourou and Alexis Tsipras saying that the statements of the official opposition party president are groundless. As the prime minister emphasized in his interview “if these are implemented then the country will be led to a fourth memorandum”.

Mr. Mitsotakis blamed SYRIZA’s stance on the issue of the amendment that blocks the party Kasidiari citing characteristics: “However, his negative attitude causes an impression SYRIZA. It seems that Mr. Tsipras, blinded by his factional hatred, believes that by turning a blind eye to the fascists and the fringes he will harm the New Democracy but he is harming the Democracy itself. Because once upon a time SYRIZA also played with fire”.

Regarding the upcoming ones elections Mr. Mitsotakis stated that “the ballot box of May 21 will determine everything. She will be the one to define who will govern and the stronger her message the closer it will bring us to security and progress. In times of uncertainty the country needs someone to hold the steering wheel firmly. Neither “blind dates” nor a government of “marriage of convenience”. And I don’t believe a word of what Mr. Tsipras says that he will not attempt to build a government of the defeated.”

Speaking about the Greek-Turkish issues, he states that we will go to the Hague Court with Turkey only for the delimitation of the maritime zones in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean. Commenting on the way candidates are selected in the elections, he states that the issue of electing MEPs will be re-evaluated after the national elections, the selection of our candidates in the elections has been done with great care, so that we do not have phenomena that offend us all. Regarding the May 21 elections, I do not believe a word of what Mr. Tsipras says, that he will not attempt to build a “government of the defeated”.