His president’s criticism was intense PASOK-KINAL, Nikos Androulakis, to ND and SYRIZA for the model of governance that the government puts forward but also for the way in which the main opposition party politicizes. In his speech at noon, in Karditsa, the first stop of his two-day tour in Western Thessaly, the president of PASOK-KINAL said that “these examples show that they do not act on values, but on purpose. We, therefore, proceed with our principles and values ​​in this new course”.

“Teratogenesis is the non-European normality. The arrogance of power, which does not respect justice, the rule of law and human rights”, he noted and added: “Mr Mitsotakis is annoyed when his political opponents slander him. And he is right. We must have political culture and not let polarization dominate the public debate. But I didn’t hear him say anything when Mr. Economou, the government representative, was slandering PASOK a week ago.”

“Imagine if the one accused of criminal acts was not a SYRIZA MEP, but an MEP of another party. Would Mr. Tsipras and his party behave this way? We remember very well that when something happens, there is collective responsibility directly for Mr. Tsipras and all the members and executives of the respective party are responsible. However, when it happens in his own party, then as he claims it is a “special case”. We, obviously, as a democratic party are not in favor of collective responsibility. There is individual responsibility, but this shows the difference in our culture”, Mr. Androulakis stressed about SYRIZA’s stance on the Georgoulis case.

“It is not teratogenesis to have 57 dead in Tempe and in the conclusion of the committee appointed by the government to point out that the transfer of the specific employee was illegal, but no one apologizes and asks for forgiveness for it?”, pointed out the president of PASOK-KINAL and added: “In which other European in which country does such an event occur and those responsible, instead of being in justice, adorn the New Democracy ballots?”

Speaking of policies concerning the new generation, Mr. Androulakis emphasized: “Let’s strengthen work and not subsidize unemployment. Let’s finally choose models, which want the new generation with dignity and not hostage. That is why I proposed an extensive program of social housing throughout Greece. To obtain a reserve of 150,000 social housing throughout Greece so that young people can build their future with dignity. Mr. Mitsotakis tried to imitate us. And what did he say; “Get low interest loans to buy a new property”. We say, rent decent housing cheaply and as soon as you stand on your feet let the next generations take it, as the European social democracy has been doing for 30 years now in Europe”.

He also made a thorough report in the PASOK-Change Movement program for private debt and the protection of borrowers’ first residence.

As he emphasized, “we have a duty to stand in the way of the de-Hellenization of the Greek economy. That’s why we recommend: No speck of Greek agricultural land not to be auctioned by the funds. There should be universal protection of the first residence, as in 2010, a law repealed by Mr. Mitsotakis. Also, for the stranded borrowers in the Swiss franc, 80,000 families, we propose: 1/3 of the interest rate increase to be paid by the borrower, 2/3 by the banking institutions. With reference to the tax and EFKA debts, 120 installments and a provision for a 30% “haircut” in the capital to whoever complies with the regulation and repays his installments. We want every Greek woman and every Greek man, every entrepreneur, every farmer and breeder to have a second chance at dignity. This means social justice. It is not social justice to let thousands of Greeks be blackmailed by powerful centers that control the funds. We want all the negotiations that the borrowers will do with the funds to be done with transparency criteria, so that a long-term solution can be reached with dignity”.

As for the stake of the ballot box, Mr. Androulakis pointed out: “Let’s unite our hopes and choose together the path of a brave change, because this party can guarantee social justice. Because this party told the truth when Greece was going bankrupt and did not play games of division and populism behind your backs. I’m not saying mistakes weren’t made. The question is, do we have the courage to accept these mistakes and change?”