Turkey’s defense minister, Suleyman Soylu, accused the US of orchestrating a coup against Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

As Manolis Kostidis reports, Soilou also emphasized that “Europe is the mule in America’s caravan. The whole world hates the USA.”

In detail, Suleiman Soylu pointed out: “Who organized the Gezi episodes? The one who made the July 15 coup attempt. Who does the US have ties to terrorism? Who did the July 15 coup attempt…the US. Who organized the Gezi episodes? USA.
Europe does not exist. Don’t worry about it. There is America. Europe has no special characteristics. The whole world hates America, Europe is the mule in America’s caravan.”

Kilicdaroglu activated the “heavy cannons” in the pre-election campaign

Meanwhile, together with Ekrem Imamoglu and Mansour Yavas, Kemal Kilicdaroglu appeared. In this way, the presidential candidate and opponent of Erdogan sent a message of co-administration with his vice-presidential candidates, mayors of Istanbul and Ankara respectively.

In their message, Kilicdaroglu said:

“My dear people, today I am addressing you together with my vice presidents. President Ekrem is on my left and President Mansour Yavas is on the right. There is a man who in Istanbul and around the world is building 10 metro lines at the same time. We will assign the task of improving and rebuilding our cities to the young man, that is to Ekrem.”

For his part, Ekrem Imamoglu emphasized:

“With the experience I have gained in Istanbul, my goal will be to modernize our cities to a level befitting the 21st century. We will create a structure that no one will go to bed hungry, no one will be homeless and no one will be deprived of food and education.”