Her schedule New Republic and the five axes of development for Greece in the next 4 years were presented by the prime minister at an event at the Greek World Cultural Center Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

The ND president announced his program to grow the real economy and increase purchasing power and income. Mr. Mitsotakis linked the increases in income to the rate of growth, speaking of a Productive Greece and announced further reductions in taxation and contributions.

Second axis of the program n Social Greecebased on which there will be improvements in Health, Education, Mass Transportation, while special actions have been foreseen to address the demographic, offering incentives to new couples.

Third axis of the program of the New Democracy h Green and Digital Greece. A key role for the next day is the total digitization of the Greek public sector and services, so that the chronic and particularly costly problem of bureaucracy can be dealt with urgently. At the same time, the implementation of programs that will bring Greece closer to the goals for dealing with climate change, concerns the next generations and the future of the natural beauty of the country.

Fourth axis of the program is the Fair Greece. The program includes speeding up the time of administration of justice, evaluation across the spectrum of the Greek public sector and equality for all.

The fifth axis is Strong Greece. The program concerns the guarding of the borders, the restructuring of the Police at organizational level, a new and modern fire brigade, as well as the strengthening of the armed forces at all levels.

See in detail the program for the next 4 years of New Democracy:

Productive Greece

Ambitious financial goals

1) Double the EU growth rate of 3% per year. Double public investments and increase total investments by 70%. Reduce public debt to 140% of GDP in 2027 and 120% of GDP in 2030. Restore and maintain inflation at 2%.
2) Reducing unemployment below 8% by 2027.
3) Increase exports to 60% of GDP by 2027 and 70% by 2030.
4) Increasing the share of manufacturing to 15% of GDP by implementing our national strategy for industry and the extroversion of Greek businesses.
5) 12-month tourist season and public revenue from tourism to reach 30 billion euros per year.
6) Greece among the 10 best countries worldwide in logistics.

Work and income

1) An increase in the average salary over 25% within the four years 2023-2027 (to €1,500 from €1,170) and an increase of the minimum wage to €950 within the four years.
2) New increase of 3-4% in pensions from 1/1/2024.
3) Salary increase of civil servants and restructuring of their payroll from 1/1/2024.
4) Implementation of a digital labor card in all businesses regardless of industry or size and strict digital controls through labor inspection everywhere.


New reductions in taxes and contributions

1) Gradual reduction of 20% of the pretension fee in 2025, 30% in 2026 and abolition by the end of the four years in 2027.
2) Definitive abolition of the professional tax for farmers as their main occupation and their increase by 60,000 by 2027.
3) Increase from 1/1/2024 of the tax-free allowance by 1,000 euros for families with children.
4) Reduction by one additional unit of insurance contributions and non-salary costs.
5) reduction of subsistence allowances by 30% on average from 1/1/2025
6) Reduction of fundraising tax from 0.5% to 0.2%. 50% reduction in stock exchange tax.


New critical infrastructure

2,300 critical infrastructure projects (roads, airports, subways, railways, ports, water supply and sewage networks) throughout Greece.

Completion commitment for 10 flagship projects of national scope:
o Thessaloniki Metro
o Eastern Inner Regional of Thessaloniki (flyover)
o Railway connection with the major ports of the country
o Patras – Pyrgos Motorway
o Central Greece Motorway (E65)
o Construction of the extension of Line 2 of the Athens Metro to Ilion
o Upgrading Suburban West Attica
o New airport of Heraklion in Kasteli, the most modern in the Mediterranean
o Northern Road Axis of Crete (BOAK)
o Construction of Line 4 of the Athens Metro

Social Greece

Better public health for all

1) Increase the nursing staff by 10,000 workers
2) Renovation and modernization of 80 hospitals and 156 health centers, creation of 315 telemedicine units, 25 modern rehabilitation centers
3) Free Personal Doctor and free preventive examinations for all citizens
4) Digital transformation of Health, Strengthening of the electronic prescription system. Completion of the Individual Electronic Health Record.
5) Creation of 311 new mental health structures throughout the country.


Better public education for all

1) Extending the implementation of all-day school until 5:30 p.m. and extending an expanded and strengthened all-day program to kindergartens and elementary schools throughout the country.
2) 150 Model and Experimental Schools by 2027.
3) Increase in salaries for teachers and academics with an emphasis on newly appointed and education executives with increased responsibilities.
4) Construction of student dormitories to house 8,500 students through PPP.

Better public transport

1) The most modern metro in Europe is operating in Thessaloniki and its extension to western Thessaloniki is starting. Construction of line 4 in Athens and extension to western Athens.
2) Upgrade of electric railway trains. Supply of 650 zero-emission buses in Athens and Thessaloniki. By 2027, 2000 city buses will be in circulation in Athens and 600 in Thessaloniki
3) Increasing the frequency of OASA and OASTH bus routes (every 5 – 10 minutes during peak hours). Increasing the frequency of Attica Metro routes to 1.5 minutes during peak hours.

Demographics and family policy

1) The maternity allowance for freelancers and farmers is increased from 4 to 9 months at the level of the minimum wage.
2) 1.8 billion euros are available to a total of 137,000 young beneficiaries up to the age of 39 for the New Housing Policy “My Home”
3) Places for infants and toddlers in nurseries and babysitting are increased by 90,000 through the “Neighborhood Babysitters” program. 150 new Children’s Creative Employment Centers are introduced, the opening hours of daycare centers are extended until 5:30 p.m., babysitting and child care areas are instituted in large companies.

Green and digital Greece

Digital Greece

1) Integration of 90% of the state’s public services on gov.gr and simplification of important procedures through the National Program for Simplification of Procedures until 2027.
2) Until 2025, all information and data are only exchanged electronically between the public.
3) Complete digitization of the central archives of the State (mortgages, justice, town planning, hospitals, etc.) so that all data is immediately available to the concerned citizen or the public service.
4) Optical fiber in every public and private building by 2027 for fast Internet. Provision of high-speed internet connection to all primary and secondary schools with the aim of upgrading the pedagogical work.
5) 94% of the country is covered by 5G by 2027.

Green Greece

1) 80% of electricity generation comes from renewable energy sources.
2) Energy upgrade of 600,000 homes for less energy consumption at all times of the year through “Save”, “Change water heater” and “roof photovoltaic” programs.
3) 20% of vehicles are zero or low emission by 2027.
4) Completion of the 45 Waste Management Units by 2025 and urban wastewater management infrastructure in around 250 settlements with less than 2,000 inhabitants in island, mountainous, sensitive areas.
5) National reforestation program with 20 million trees on 165,000 acres by 2025 and opening of forest roads with a total length of 40,000 km, removal of fuel from 260 critical forests, opening and maintenance of fire protection zones with a total length of 10,000 km, development of “smart forest” with use of cutting edge technologies.
6) GR-ECO islands program, with the aim of energy autonomy and circular economy in our islands.


Fair Greece


1) Acceleration of justice delivery time to the European average (less than 500 days) and liquidation of pending cases.
2) Digital Strategy for Justice with the completion of the Judicial Case Management projects for Criminal, Civil and Administrative Justice.
3) New Judicial Charter in Administrative, Civil and Criminal justice and upgrading of 14 courts.


1) Constitutional revision (Article 16)
2) Evaluation everywhere, productivity bonuses, training programs for 400,000 civil servants and selection of managements of organizations with professional criteria.
3) Implementation of a digital work card throughout the public sector
4) New central authority for acceleration, transparency and rationalization of public procurement

Equality and cohesion

1) Increase by 8% of the Minimum Guaranteed Income and disability benefits
2) Extension of supported employment for all people with disabilities – Personal Assistant
3) Prevention and fight against violence against women (Implementation of the panic button, support structures for abused women and their children, Counseling Centers for Abused Women
4) Reduction of the gender pay gap from an estimated 10% today to 5% in 2027, and below 3% in 2030. Programs to strengthen and improve the position of women in the labor market
5) Implementation of the National Strategy for the Equality of LGBTI+

Strong Greece

1) Absolute priority in guarding the Border – Extension of the physical barrier (Fence) in the Evros area along the entire length of the river (140 km)
2) Organizational Restructuring of ELAS, modernization, digital transformation of administrative procedures – Release of more than 5,000 police officers from non-police duties.
3) strengthening accountability and the framework for dealing with police brutality – Equipping front-line police officers with cameras intended to help deal with incidents
4) New Fire Department. Design of the new structure and operation of the Fire Brigade, recruitment of 500 new officers. Upgrading the Fire Department’s integrated incident management information system and fleet. Supply of modern amphibious firefighting aircraft for the island complexes and 5 +2 new type Canadair as well as large scale firefighting vehicles
5) Increase in relation to 2022, by 15% per year, until 2027 the number of repatriated migrants and Emphasis on controlled migration for seasonal work through international bilateral agreements to attract people of special skills
6) Greece acquires 24 Rafale type aircraft, 3 (+1) Belharra frigates, upgrades 83 F-16 aircraft to the top version Viper. 19 programs worth €11.5 billion are underway for the procurement of F-35 aircraft, the upgrade of F-16 Block 50 fighter jets and the acquisition of 3 new Navy corvettes.