Response to SYRIZA’s comment on the presentation of the ND program by Kyriakos Mitsotakis issued by the ruling party.

The announcement is “signed” by its secretary Political Committee of the ND, Pavlos Marinakiswho emphasizes:

“Citizens remember very well the Truth Agreement they made in 2019 with New Democracy and Kyriakos Mitsotakis. And they know very well that we have kept this agreement in full, despite the external crises.

We promised a reduction in tax burdens. We’ve cut over 50 taxes – some more than we originally promised. ENFIA is reduced by 35%, while the initial commitment was for 30%. And we said it and we did it.

We promised more and better jobs. We created more than 270,000 new jobs and reduced unemployment by 6%, bringing it to pre-crisis levels for the first time in ten years. And we increased the minimum wage by 20%, from €650 to €780. And we said it, and we did it.

We promised to stand by every citizen. We supported society and the economy throughout the pandemic, created a digital and citizen-friendly state, implemented an exemplary vaccination organization system and, through the “Greece 2.0” Plan, we support the country’s green and digital transition. And we said it, and we did it.

The citizens, however, remember very well the conscious lies of Mr. Tsipras, as well as his disastrous four years. They remember the referendum – fraud and the third useless memorandum, they remember the closed banks and the 29 increases in taxes and contributions, they remember the co-government with Panos Kammenos, they remember the disaster in Mati and the merciless theater that followed.

And, above all, what they remember they can still see in the shop window of Koumoundourou. They see Pavlos Polakis, Christos Spirtzis, Nikos Pappa and so many others. And they see the red carpet they are rolling out for the return of Yannis Varoufakis and his destructive obsessions on the one hand and the fringe far-right with another label on the other.

Today New Democracy presented a program that concerns every Greek woman and every Greek, because this program is a product of our constant contact with society. Instead of lies, insults and cheap wits, let SYRIZA dare to present its own policies.

Let’s compare promises and deeds, then. With facts and figures. Citizens know, judge and compare. And on May 21 they will give Mr. Tsipras, their old and late allies the answer they deserve.”