By Penelope Galliou

His presentation is a change of page from the toxic climate that prevails in the pre-election scene ND program for the next four years 2023-2027, with the ruling faction to transfer the public and political dialogue to its real and necessary dimension, as a government official commented, “to the essence of politics, solutions, vision and plan for the next day” . “If something characterizes this program, it is the ambition for the future” commented the government representative, ‘Akis Skertsos, in the introduction of the event.

In the packed hall of the amphitheater of the “Hellenic World” cultural center, where the Council of Ministers, MPs and officials of the blue faction and a large number of people attended together, the Kyriakos Mitsotakis presented the “five Greeces”, the five axes – identities of Greece on which the 2023-2027 governance program is being developed.

Emphasizing the element of accountability, of the four-year government of the ND, the prime minister analyzed the governmental achievements of his government, an admittedly difficult period and in the midst of multiple crises, which also forms the basis for the continuation and further development of this policy in next four years, as long as the citizens give with their vote the possibility of a second term in the government.

“The dilemma of whether we will go forward or go back is today more relevant than ever” the prime minister emphasized and through a series of slides and specific numbers and figures he defined the next reforms, with an emphasis on the economy and improving the everyday life of citizens, to wage increases in the public and private sectors, the further abolition of tax burdens, but also the next day in critical sectors, such as Education and Health.

For Kyriakos Mitsotakis, preserving fiscal stability is an inviolable condition, he said, noting at the same time that “We can and must achieve growth rates twice that of the European Union. Increase our investments by 70%. Unemployment can reach 8% in 2027”, highlighting at the same time the consistency of words and actions of the ND in the four-year period 2019-2023.

We have laid the foundations and on top of them we are building a strong Greece, said Kyriakos Mitsotakis, adding that “We have built several floors, but the work is not finished. The next four years will be the one when Greece will have really stepped on its feet. A Greece with prosperity and social justice. For this Greece I want to continue working. With a tested staff” as their government scheme described.

THE Prime Minister called the increase in wages a central pre-election commitment and announced increases of more than 25% in the four-year period 2023-2027, to 1500 euros and an increase in the minimum wage to 950 euros. Increase in the salaries of civil servants and reform their payroll from January 1, 2024. Gradual reduction of 20% of the pretense fee in 2025, 30% in 2026 and its abolition by 2027.

More specifically, among the measures included in “productive, social, fair, digital and strong Greece”are recorded:

– The increase of the average wage over 25% in the four years 2023-2027 (to 1,500 euros from 1,170 euros) and an increase of the minimum wage to 950 euros.

– The increase in the salaries of civil servants and the restructuring of their payroll from January 1, 2024.

– The definitive abolition of the pretense tax for farmers.

– The tax-free increase of 1,000 euros for families with children from January 1, 2024.

– The reduction by one additional unit of insurance contributions and non-salary costs.

– The increase in pensions from 3% to 4% from January 1, 2024.

20% phasing in the pretense fee in 2025, 30% in 2026 and phased out by 2027.

Reduce unemployment below 8% by 2027.

– The reduction of subsistence allowances by 30% on average from January 1, 2025.

-The increase in teachers’ and academics’ salaries with an emphasis on newly appointed ones.

150 Model and Pilot Schools by 2027.

– The extension of all-day school until 17.30 and the extension of the extended and strengthened all-day program to kindergartens and primary schools.

Construction of student residences to house 8,500 students through PPP.

The renovation and modernization of 80 hospitals and 156 health centers, the creation of 315 telemedicine units and the creation of 25 modern rehabilitation centers.

Increase the nursing staff by 10,000 workers

Creation of 311 new mental health structures throughout the country.

– The inclusion of 90% of the state’s public services in

– The 8% increase in the Minimum Guaranteed Income and disability benefits.

– Reduce public debt to 140% – Restore and maintain inflation at 2%.

– Twelve-month tourist season.

– Implementation of a digital job card in all businesses – strict digital checks everywhere.

– Reduction of subsistence allowances by 30% on average from 1/1/2025.

– 2,300 critical infrastructure projects (roads, airports, subways, railways, ports, water supply and sewage networks) throughout Greece.

– Supply of 650 zero-emission buses in Athens and Thessaloniki-Increase the frequency of bus routes and Attica Metro.

– The maternity allowance for freelancers and farmers is increased from 4 to 9 months at the level of the minimum wage.

– 1.8 billion euros to a total of 137,000 young beneficiaries up to the age of 39 for the New Housing Policy “My Home”.

– Energy upgrade of 600,000 homes through “Save”, “Change water heater” and “roof photovoltaic” programs.

– Speeding up the time of administration of justice to the European average (less than 500 days) and liquidation of pending cases.

– 8% increase in Minimum Guaranteed Income and disability benefits.

– Extension of supported employment for all people with disabilities – Personal Assistant.

– Preventing and combating violence against women

– Implementation of the National Strategy for the Equality of LGBTI+.

– Extension of the fence in Evros in total (140 km).

– Organizational Restructuring of ELAS – Release of more than 5,000 police officers from non-police duties.

– New Fire Brigade – Recruitment of 500 new staff – Supply of modern amphibious firefighting aircraft for the islands and 5+2 new type Canadair as well as large scale firefighting vehicles.

– Greece acquires 24 Rafale aircraft, 3 (+1) Belharra frigates, upgrades 83 F-16 aircraft to the top-of-the-line Viper version. 19 programs worth €11.5 billion are underway for the procurement of F-35 aircraft, the upgrade of F-16 Block 50 fighter jets and the acquisition of 3 new Navy corvettes.