“The SYRIZA program has been costed and reaches 46 billion euros. If they don’t intend to raise taxes, then they will put us in a regime of increased fiscal supervision, they will put us in new memoranda”, stressed the government representative, Akis Skertsos, while briefing political editors, adding that we would say goodbye to the investment tier.

Referring to the possibility of forming a cooperation government, Mr. Skertsos noted: “It only took five days to show that the devotees of simple proportional and cooperation governments without a program are simply devotees of anarchy and paralysis. All these days we are watching a Babel, a theater of the absurd which highlights why it is dangerous to go to the polls on May 21 with a relaxed vote”.

He then repeated that his proposal Kyriakou Mitsotakis it is the only one that does not disturb the smooth course of the country: “A proposal that does not disturb the dynamic course of recovery of the economy and incomes. Self-sufficient government of one party, but not of one color that has a specific program so that the country continues on the road of security, stability and progress. Away from the ghosts of yesterday.”

Tomorrow morning the announcement of the ND statehood ballot by the prime minister.

Watch in live stream the briefing of the political editors and correspondents of the foreign press by the Minister of State and government representative, Akis Schertsos.