The prime minister visited Nafpaktos and Messolonghi on Saturday morning Kyriakos Mitsotakiswho talked to citizens, visited local shops in the areas and walked the main streets of the two cities.

“When I had come back to Nafpakto here in 2019, I made a commitment that then we would put our greatest emphasis on economic growth, cut taxes, create jobs, support local communities. I am happy because today I am coming to a city that is buzzing with life, has significant development potential and in which a series of very important projects are being carried out”, Kyriakos Mitsotakis emphasized in his greeting to a gathering of citizens.

Let no one doubt on the evening of May 21 that the next day the ND will rule

“I want there to be no doubt on the evening of May 21st at the simple proportional ballot box, when the results are counted, for there not to be a single one who doubts that the next day the New Democracy will rule,” noted the Prime Minister.

He emphasized that “we are also voting for a government, we are also voting for a Prime Minister candidate. I also want to say to our friends, who may come from other political areas, that some of what I hear – especially from PASOK – that you will vote but Mitsotakis or Tsipras will not become Prime Minister, if you choose SYRIZA, but some unknown “X” will emerge says Prime Minister.

“Kinder” surprise is the Prime Minister, I’m not telling you, I know him but will I recommend him after the elections? These are not serious things. Because you are not only voting for the government, you are also voting for the Prime Minister. You are also voting for a Prime Minister, who can represent the country worthily, who will go to Brussels and negotiate for the benefit of all Greek citizens”.

“We will continue to support the Armed Forces or we will engage in third-world pursuits that will endanger the existence of our national sovereignty”

Kyriakos Mitsotakis also underlined that “under no circumstances should we allow some people to take the place back. Because in the end the critical dilemma of these elections is simple: will we continue on this path to move forward towards a stronger, richer Greece, or will we return to an era of high taxes, high contributions, misery? Will we still be able to be reliable interlocutors in Europe or will we go back to Europe as beggars, begging and essentially being the scapegoat? Will we continue to have a strong country that guards its borders and curbs illegal immigration, or will we once again become a “wild grapevine” like we were in 2015 when 1.5 million immigrants and refugees passed through our country? We will continue to support the Armed Forces with important armament programs to build our defense agreements with friendly countries, or we will pursue third-world pursuits that will essentially endanger the very existence of our national sovereignty.”

Citizens should objectively judge the two four-year terms

Then from the Medium length the Prime Minister emphasized that “we had four years of Mitsotakis, before Mitsotakis we had four years of Tsipras. I ask you to judge objectively the course of that four-year period and the course of our own four-year period, and I insist on this, because I find that some and some remain irreparable. Mr. Tsipras, because he knows very well that he cannot win the elections, plans in his mind some kind of government of losers, tolerance, progressive government that only exists in his mind. But who will she do it with? It is not in his dream. It’s not in his dream at all. You have the possibility to do it in his dream by sending New Democracy to the first place with a strong mandate. This political “monstrosity” as I call it, I want you to imagine it a little. Let PASOK govern together with SYRIZA and together of course, because they need him, with Yanis with an “N”, Varoufakis, who will take your euros and replace them with “Dimitres”. He will nationalize the banks, in other words, he will do exactly what they did in 2015. That is why we are calling them a simple conversation. “Not a second time in calamity. Yes, a second chance at preemption.” So this is it the dilemma to which Greek citizens will be asked to answer at the ballot box on May 21. If we are going to go forward or if we are going to go back, whether we will continue on a course where we will gradually reduce taxes, support the free economy, support the creativity of the Greeks or return to an environment of overtaxation of both labor and business”.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis pointed out that “the message must be sent that this path that we have charted these last four years, this path of anticipation, self-confidence, this path that led us to victoriously overcome difficulties, must continue. The New Republic must be able to complete its work, so that we can really hope for a better tomorrow”.

“I was thinking, you know, coming here, that exactly 200 years ago, Dionysius Solomon wrote the Hymn to Liberty. Our National Anthem and today its words are more relevant than ever. Because Greece is called upon to prove that it can be a powerful force in a world that is changing at a very fast pace. It is called upon to prove that it can secure a better future, through an economy that will develop for the benefit of all. He is called upon to prove that he can implement a proud foreign policy that protects the country’s borders. And at the same time it shields our Greece from any possible plot”, said the Prime Minister.