“The main goal of SYRIZA-PS is to defeat Mr. Mitsotakis in order to form a winning government. It is an extreme paradox for the one who will lose the elections and will not be able to form a government, to accuse those who defeated him as a “government of losers”, emphasizes the Athens MP of SYRIZA PS, former Minister of Education and Head of Education, Nikos Filis .

Mr. Filis says that in his excursions he sees “the hope for a progressive cooperation government, along with the clear disappointment of the traditional right-wing voters for the Mitsotakis administration.” He also claims that “the climate is turning in favor of SYRIZA and in fact, at an accelerating pace within the Left, after the historic mistake of the General Secretary of the KKE to characterize the SYRIZA government as worse than that of Mr. Mitsotakis”.

Attacking the Mitsotakis government, he claims that the citizens know what the SYRIZA government has achieved and they know who is “taking away their lives, taking away their voice, taking away their future” and that all these citizens and especially the young “are asking for and they will get back, with their struggles and with a new progressive-left government that will only emerge if they come to the polls to vote for their lives.” To the question with which forces can SYRIZA form a government of progressive cooperation, he answers: “With all the forces with a democratic-progressive orientation. We did not bring the simple analogy to govern alone with self-sufficiency and arrogance, but with cooperation and with an outstretched hand of cooperation and programmatic understanding with neighboring political forces. Under the condition, he underlines, “that democratic and left-wing parties other than ND exceed 47% and thus be able to have a majority in the new Parliament. With KINAL severing its ties with neoliberalism and the ND. With an agreed program for the recovery of society and the economy. With Prime Minister, obviously, the winner of the elections, the President of SYRIZA-PS, Alexis Tsipras, and with persons of common trust in the ministerial positions”.

“Mr. Varoufakis will only be able to participate as a co-guarantor of the country’s unwavering European course, within the EU institutions and within the euro, and I believe that he will eventually do so,” adds Mr. Filis.

The Head of Education lists ten central interventions that SYRIZA will implement in education as a government. Among them: abolition of the Minimum Admission Base starting this year, abolition of the University Police and securing of the University Asylum, repeal of the Kerameos Law on Universities and the safeguarding of the Self-Governor, immediate appointment of 5,000 teachers, announcement of university professorships with the aim of doubling them by end of four years, 10% increase in teachers’ salaries, abolition of “punitive evaluation”.