Notice against him SYRIZA for the pending pensions issued the Ministry of Labourspeaking of “monstrous lies” on the part of the official opposition party.

The announcement in more detail:

“SYRIZA in these elections has set out to outdo even itself in lies! After the monstrous lies of Mr. Tsipras in Chios, which were immediately exposed, he is now trying to use figures from the Parliament’s Budget Office that stop at 2022 and ignore the developments of the last months.

– For the main pensions, SYRIZA does not refer to the overdue ones, as SYRIZA itself and the EU counted them, but in general to the submitted applications, even those submitted a day before! And furthermore, as they cite December figures, they ignore the de-escalation of the last 4 months.
– For supplementary pensions they ignore the big government intervention in January and February which halved the number of overdue pensions. But also the aid against (amounting to 100 euros for each month of delay) that was paid to the rest of the pensioners in mid-March. Mathematics SYRIZA!

Once again we repeat the question: How is it possible that all that SYRIZA claims is true, when the overdue debts of the state to pensioners were 487 million euros in the summer of 2019 and today it is only 3 million euros?

As for the personal data of the pensioner from Chios that we allegedly revealed, did Mr. Tsipras forget that he posted, for the Panhellenic public to see, both the face and the story of the pensioner in question, essentially adopting his story? So he better look in the mirror!

We ignore the liars and populists who the bigger the lies they tell the more they will be isolated from the pensioners.”