“From here, from the blood-soaked Shooting Range of Kaisariani, where 79 years ago, on May Day 1944, 200 communists left with their heads held high, with their eyes proudly and fixed on the barrel of their Nazi executioners, we honor this year’s Labor Day. And we promise that we will continue on their path, that we will never betray their sacrifice, so that the best days for our country and our people that they also longed for will finally dawn”, underlined the head of the Central Committee of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoubas, in his speech this evening at the big concert – tribute held by the Attica Party Organization of the KKE in honor of Labor Day, entitled “We open windows to the future”, at the Shooting Range of Kaisariani, in the place where 79 years ago, on May 1, 1944, they were executed 200 communists.

He emphasized that “now, more than ever, is the time, the working people and the youth, to draw conclusions about the policy of governments and parties that drink water in the name of capitalist development, that is, capitalist profit. The one-way roads that lead our people to new sufferings in the immediate future, in order to catch the various anti-people goals of capital”.

“The grandiose mobilizations and strikes of March, with a basic request-command not to cover up the responsibilities for the crime of Tempe, the thousands of young mouths that shouted “PASOK-SYRIZA-New Democracy, this crime has a history”, record a dynamic which must not be broken. On the contrary, it must strengthen, spread and become an organized stream of assertion. And only a much stronger KKE can give an impetus to this in the elections on May 21″ said D. Koutsoubas, also referring to the large strike movements internationally.

He emphasized, among other things, that “there is no way for capitalism to overcome its contradictions and for us all to live happily, both capital and working class. This is what we are living today, this is what all peoples have been living for the last few years. All these choices were made and are made based on the profitability of capital, and all of them leave the people at a loss, either with a restrictive neoliberal policy, which the anti-neoliberal SYRIZA also implemented just fine, or with an expansionary Keynesian policy, which the anti-neoliberal SYRIZA also implemented just fine the ND”.

“Somehow we reached a new reduction of the real salary by 7.4% in 2022. And the prime minister has the audacity to ask for the support of the workers to reach, he says – if it reaches – the average salary in 2027 where it was in 2011. As we say: live my May to eat clover…” he said and underlined:

“The way out lies in the proposal of the KKE and in the confrontation of the working class with the anti-popular policy and the reactionary laws that destroy the income and the rights of the workers. With a strong KKE and massive labor struggles, we can enforce the repeal of all the anti-labor laws of the ND, SYRIZA and PASOK regarding the SSE and wages”.

D. Koutsoubas said that “the satisfaction of our modern needs cannot be realized within a system that is based and operates on the basis of the law of greedy profit” pointing out that “based on this law and the goals that derive from it, all the parties that have governed until today are formulating their programs, and they want to serve this system again, from government positions. That’s why all their programs write in big letters phrases like: green growth, market liberalization, fiscal balancing, stability of the banking system and many others like that.

“All this for many means new suffering the next day. They mean new “green” taxes, auctions, very expensive electricity and water,” he added.

It was also mentioned, both in the management of the GSEE, “where the forces of ND, SYRIZA, PASOK merge, as well as in municipalities where there is a communist mayor so that he is not re-elected, as they do in Patras, even in municipalities with a competitive tradition, where he can a communist mayor is elected again, as they do here, in Kaisariani, where the ND, SYRIZA and PASOK factions became one”.

“There is a corresponding convergence from reserve parties of the system, the useful willing ones” he added.

“All of them accuse the KKE of having outdated positions. How he has no suggestions for today’s problems.

But is it so? Then what was it, all these amendments that we tabled in Parliament, for the immediate relief of the working people, and they all rejected them without discussion?

Does the KKE not have a Power-Governance Program? Indeed, what is it then that they all exorcise, slander and pervert at every opportunity?’ he said.

“These days, in the face of the false dilemmas they try to impose, the real questions must come into focus:

  • Steady job with benefits or poorly paid part time job?
  • Decent wages that will cover our needs or the crumbs of the pass?
  • 7 hours-5 days-35 hours or sun-to-sun time that takes us back 2 centuries?
  • Health protection measures in the workplace, in transport, control mechanisms everywhere, or workers who will be fuel for their profits?
  • Essential protection of public housing, a new construction program with the responsibility of the state for modern, cheap houses, or do the young and the new become prey to the ravens, the bankers and the big builders?

The answers to the above questions also shed light on our motto. They are alone and we are all!” emphasized D. Koutsoubas.

He called for reinforcement and with the vote of the KKE “of the force that fights incessantly to increase the demandingness, the fighting spirit of the working people. Which reveals what his opponents are planning, which gets in front of all the workers’-people’s struggles”.

“From the heroic and inflexible Kaisariani, we address all those who feel left-wing, democratic, progressive, to all people of good will. To all those who do not deposit their values ​​and ideals in the bazaars of the urban political system about who with whom will implement the common for all anti-people government program to take a step forward and they will find themselves next to the KKE” said D. Koutsoubas and added:

“Now you feel it well, that the heart that beats strongly, on the left, can only be KKE! Everyone’s heart can beat loudly even on election night, if the KKE finds itself much higher!” he said.

D. Koutsoubas called on the members, followers and friends of the KKE to give all their strength to the great political, electoral battle “that our Party is fighting against the bourgeois political system and its parties. A decisive battle for the next day, for the perspective of the people’s struggle, for the popular movement itself to come out with greater potential, with the KKE stronger against any version of an anti-popular government”.

“Tomorrow we flood the streets and squares of the whole country, we celebrate the day of the world working class by striking. Demonstrating that our future is not brutality and exploitation, that we respond to their blackmails and the realism of submission by bringing to the fore our own modern needs” concluded the head of the Central Committee of the KKE in his speech.