Answers about the “Dimitra” project, about his positions on the euro, as well as about the policy of partnerships, given by the head of MeRA25 – Alliance for Breakup Yanis Varoufakiswith his interview on the website.

Regarding the “Dimitra” project in particular, G. Varoufakis notes that “such a public system of free digital transactions is simply not realistic in conditions of crisis and possible conflict with the European bureaucracy, it is also necessary. But it is also necessary even in conditions where there is not necessarily an international banking crisis – as there is again today – or in conditions where we would not necessarily need to clash with the leadership of this EU – as it continues to be required for our country to become sustainable -. Because such a system abolishes the monopoly of systemic banks in transactions, with unacceptable commissions at the expense of our small and medium-sized businesses, while it also creates further fiscal space and freedom for the exercise of social policy.

On the other hand, he adds, “precisely because we did not come out of the memoranda, nor from the “post-memorandums”, as the memoranda arch (ND-SYRIZA-PASOK/KINAL) claims, it is also a tool that can be used in case of blackmail from the leadership of the European Union in the event that a government takes the absolutely necessary and self-evident measures for the economy, society and the place (reduction of VAT, abolition of “Hercules” and the Energy Exchange, ATA etc.)”.

On the issue of currency he argues that their position is “absolutely clear and it is also reflected in the decisions of the 1st Deliberative Congress of our party, that is, long before our paths met with the LAE – AA and other unaffiliated fighters of the Left. Our goal was not and is not to leave the euro, but we are not going to sacrifice the viability of this place and the next generations who continue to leave it for any currency. So we are saying that if the citizens support MeRA25 – Alliance for the Break, as we call them to do on May 21st, we will do all that the country and the economy need”.

Finally, on the subject of collaborations, after resigning from the leadership of SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance for “rejecting this pre-election dialogue, through which only you really honor simple proportionality”, he repeats his position to vote against any government that emerges after the elections, “precluding the vote of confidence or tolerance”. Those “regarding responsibility for the arrival and the unborn stay of Mr. Mitsotakis in power, should be addressed by Mr. Tsipras to those who resurrected the Right after the overthrow of the 2015 referendum“, ends up.