New threats against Greece were launched by Recep Tayyip Erdogan during his election campaign, who yesterday introduced the Turkish 5th generation fighter.

As SKAI correspondent Manolis Kostidis reports from Istanbulthe Turkish president emphasized during his speech that “we will continue to disturb those on the other side of the waters”.

In detail, Tayyip Erdogan emphasized:

“If you notice, for every success of our country in the defense industry they (opposition) are disturbed and so are others who are on the other side of the waters. But, do not misunderstand as we will continue to disturb them as well as others who are on the other side of the waters. We are Turkey and the Turkish people.”

Turkey plans to replace F-16s with training aircraft

At the same time, Erdogan emphasized that Turkey plans to use trainer fighters instead of F-16s, which shows that Turkey is not hoping for immediate approval from Congress. At the same time, referring to another fighter, he sent a message that “it will launch its bombs and missiles at the enemy and return to its base without being noticed”:

“The Hurjet will train our pilots and when necessary it will equip itself and go to the battlefield. So the Hurjet will be with our own radars and with our own weapons and partially replace our F-16s.

Our fighter ‘Kaan’ stands before us in all its glory. Soon this too will take off. Consider that it is such an aircraft that in a battlefield, radar, it will enter the nest of the enemy, without being detected by the radars. He will open the weapons bay and launch his bombs and missiles at the enemy and return to his base undetected.”

Erdogan’s coalition party removed the photo of the female candidate

Meanwhile, Erdoğan’s party is receiving strong criticism for the fact that his party “hid” a photo of a female candidate, with the Turkish media stressing that “they probably consider the photo of the woman a sin.”

As “SOZCU TV” presenter Fatih Portakal commented:

“He has three candidates! But the candidate woman disappeared, they didn’t put her photo, just her shadow is there! Maybe they consider it a sin. Below is the woman’s name but you can’t see her name!

We had a lot of work and in our rush we gave this work to one of our partners who was forgotten. Now we’re fixing it!”

New commercial by Kilicdaroglu… with a song by a composer with Pontic rhythms

On the other side, Kemal Kilicdaroglu prepared a new… song with Pontic rhythms, which sends… Erdogan home “because 20 years, I got tired of him”!

The lyrics in detail:

“Come on, we’re bored, let’s all go together to win”

Let’s go do our duty..

But where did the price of the onion come from! Come on!

Come on!

Let’s hope. That’s enough

Let’s go for victory, for prosperity

Come on! Let’s make history, come on

I voted for the same person for 20 years. I got bored!

That’s enough

We are bored now.

Let’s all go to the polls together…let’s go”!