Adonis Georgiadis sends an extrajudicial letter to Alexis Tsipras after the incident in which a business owner visited by the Minister of Development and Investments as part of his pre-election tours is seen in a video recommending to his employees to vote for New Democracy.

Speaking to the Thessaloniki radio station Status 107.7 and to Virginia Dimaresi, Mr. Georgiadis revealed that he will take legal action against the official opposition leader because in his statements he accused the minister of direct assignments to the particular businessman.

“I am preparing an extra-judicial letter to Mr. Tsipras to send if I have time today, my goal is to send it today or tomorrow, because he still says, he said it yesterday and in a speech, he said it the day before yesterday at Mega, that the reason he says why this owner said this, is that I have given him many direct assignments.

I have not given any direct assignment or any work to this company and to this gentleman whom I met for the first time the day before yesterday who invited me to his company.

Consequently, what Mr. Tsipras says is highly slanderous.

If he continues, I will ask him for compensation” said the Minister of Development and Investments.

Mr. Georgiadis pointed out that it was an event like so many others that candidates attend on a daily basis, and in fact, he noted about the incident in question that:

“I myself reacted immediately, I did not expect Mr. Tsipras. What bothers me is that he links it to supposedly direct assignments that I have given him. This is slander. It’s a lie, it’s slander, and we’ll see you in court.”