SYRIZA launches an attack on the government for its housing policy through its announcement. As the official opposition claims, the “My Home” program is turning into a fiasco and contradicts its own plan to deal with the housing crisis.

The announcement of SYRIZA follows:

One day a disabled elderly man and his family are forcibly evicted from their home for a few thousand euros.

The other day we learn that the Mitsotakis government plans to tackle the housing problem of young people through the coming tsunami of middle class house auctions.

Such cynicism, such social automatism.

After the program “Spiti mou” is developing into an absolute fiasco, with only 1,350 couples having found a home out of 20,000 applications, as the newspaper “Ta Nea” reveals today, scenarios are being considered to cover the demand through auctions!

Instead of putting rules on Airbnb to bring down rents, they not only put young people in a vice of borrowing, but also turn them against borrowers who are at risk of losing their homes.

The housing crisis will be solved with the plan of SYRIZA – PS. With protection of the first residence. By banning Airbnb to Legal Entities, by creating a Housing Bank for affordable housing from unused public and private properties, by doubling the rent allowance. With justice and solidarity.

On May 21st, we say “So far” to analgesia, cynicism and social automation.