A documentary that reveals the sequence of fake news, propaganda and defamation of our country for the famous case of the supposedly dead little Maria in Evros was released by editor.gr.

The video reminds everyone who spoke about the case of the “38” of Evros, those inside and outside of Greece who accused our country of oligarchy, despite the immediate denial of the facts by the Greek state.

In the passage in question, the thread is caught from the first moment of the publication of the news when an NGO informed the authorities about stranded migrants on an island, on the border line in Evros with Turkey.

From that moment onwards, Greece received an unstoppable attack from the media, NGOs, parliamentarians and MEPs of the Left which resulted in the defamation of our country.

The Minister of Immigration and Asylum, Mr. Notis Mitarakis, since the beginning of September had revealed to the Parliament the fake news and the inconsistencies in this particular case.

However, some time would have to pass and after a thorough journalistic investigation by domestic and foreign media it was proven that not only was there no dead 5-year-old Maria, not only were the 38 not in Greek territory, but as was also seen from the course of Baida, who was finally found in Germany, it was also a fabricated case.

Watch the video: