The Minister of State and government representative, Akis Skertsos, accuses Alexis Tsipras of an extremist plan to govern the country, in the wake of the cross-channel press conference given by the president of SYRIZA.

Specifically, Mr. Skertsos states that:

“Mr. Tsipras certifies irrevocably that he is only interested in power and not in the well-being of the Greek people.

In a question that he received at today’s press conference that he granted to the media, he added one more to the multiple governance alternatives that he has mentioned from time to time and that lead to paralysis and instability. That is to say, after the government of losers and the government of tolerance, he now invents a short-lived government of special purpose.

It tells us, that is, that in a time of great international crises, national challenges and a dire need for stability and strong leadership, he is open to any extremist plan of government that serves his blind pursuits.

2023 is not 2015. Citizens will not follow him because they don’t want to experience a “second time in disaster”. Voting for New Democracy is the best answer to reckless adventures.”