New field of confrontation between her New Republic and his SYRIZAwith the involvement of PASOK, broke out just 24 hours before the polls opened on May 21. The reason for the new political opposition, with sharp announcements and criticisms, was Alexis Tsipras’ answer to a related question about the possibility of creating a special purpose government, in order to carry out a preliminary investigation into the wiretapping case. The president of SYRIZA replied that “at the moment I am concerned with victory. Let’s see the results. I do not rule out in advance the possibility of such a discussion arising. My goal is not a special purpose government.”

Scherchos: Government of losers, government of tolerance and now government of special purpose

The answer of Alexis Tsipras provoked the reaction of both Megaros Maximos and PASOK. Initially, the government representative Akis Skertsos stated: “Mr. Tsipras certifies irrevocably that he is only interested in power and not in the well-being of the Greek people. In a question that he received at today’s press conference that he granted to the media, he added one more to the multiple governance alternatives that he has mentioned from time to time and that lead to paralysis and instability. That is to say, after the government of losers and the government of tolerance, he now invents a short-lived government of special purpose. It tells us, that is, that in a time of great international crises, national challenges and a dire need for stability and strong leadership, he is open to any extremist plan of government that serves his blind pursuits. 2023 is not 2015. Citizens will not follow him because they don’t want to experience a “second time in disaster”. Voting for New Democracy is the best answer to reckless adventures.”

Tsapanidou: Mr. Skertsos probably watched another interview

The representative of SYRIZA, Popi Tsapanidou, responded to Akis Skertsos, emphasizing: “Mr. Skertsos would probably attend another interview. Unless too much panic breeds insanity…”.

Mitsotakis: Shortly before the end of the pre-election period, the masks fell

He followed the comment of Kyriakos Mitsotakis in the interview he gave to ANT1, saying characteristically: “Shortly before the end of the pre-election period, the masks fell. When I spoke of a government of losers, this is what I meant. I could not imagine that the government of the defeated would also be a government of the desperate. I wonder if this government would also interfere with justice. He can ask for anything he wants as long as he has the majority. What he has no right to do is play the country at dice. An ad hoc government is a government of paralysis, the definition of non-government. Or maybe to put some people in jail. I remember what Mr. Polakis said. I say the same about Mr. Androulakis. Let some people think that by voting for Androulakis, Tsipras will emerge from the back door. The first party will form a government. There is a way to prevent disaster scenarios, for the ND to be strong at the ballot box on Sunday, May 21. Here we have not done well the first elections. If the ND is very strong, first and by a margin, then I believe that things will find their place and the country will be governed for the next four years with stability. I have great difficulty working with Mr. Androulakis. I believe that such a two-party government would be an unstable government that would not serve the interests of the country.”

Androulakis: Mitsotakis’ sponsor is Tsipras

The baton was taken by the president of PASOK, Nikos Androulakis, who sent a clear message to Alexis Tsipras and the “open window” he left for a special purpose government: “What Mr. Tsipras says is a weapon for Mitsotakis. They are not about a holistic agenda for the country’s issues. Essentially, these make Tsipras a sponsor of Mr. Mitsotakis. If there was a credible opposition, the Mitsotakis government would be a thing of the past with all that has been done and with the economy in dire straits.”