Betty Baziana met with relatives of victims of the Tempe tragedy today.

In Karditsa, her place of origin, the companion of Alexis Tsipras, Betty Baziana, was found where she visited the family of Vaios Vlachos, one of the victims of the tragedy of Tempi, with whom she has a friendship and camaraderie.

After all, Alexis Tsipras had personally attended the funeral of Vaios.

Betty Baziana wanted to offer her condolences to Vaio’s parents and siblings for his unjust loss and to deeply sympathize with them in their heavy mourning.

Emotions ran high at the meeting.

Vayu’s parents expressed to Betty Baziana the great unanswered “why” that torments them about their son’s wrongful death and their demand that justice be done so that the tragedy is not forgotten.

Also, responding to the invitation of the family of the three female students from Trikala who perished in the tragedy of Tempi, Betty Baziana also visited Kastraki Trikala.

There he met the Plakias family at their home who are grieving the 20-year-old twin sisters Thomi and Chryssa and their cousin Anastasia.


The tragic parents expressed to Betty Baziana their anguish that those responsible for the tragedy be held accountable and that justice be given for the unjust loss of their children, so that such a tragedy never happens again.

Ms. Baziana expressed her deep and sincere sympathy to the tragic parents in their unspeakable grief over the loss of their daughters, along with 54 other young people, and expressed her solidarity with them in their efforts for justice.


After both meetings, Betty Baziana made no statement.