Watch the prime minister’s interview minute by minute Kyriakou Mitsotakis on the show “Today” with Dimitris Oikonomou and Akis Pavlopoulos, on SKAI.

Mr. Mitsotakis stated that he is very optimistic about the outcome of the elections: I expect a clear victory for the ND, he said, adding that “we did everything we could do, we did not give in to toxicity”.

-On election night we will know who will govern the country for the next four years.

-We are looking at our house, we want the largest possible percentage for the ND, we want to close all possible and improbable scenarios, it is the first time that we reach the end of the pre-election period and there is only one government proposal. I am not the one who will decide the time of the second elections, the prescribed timetables will be followed.

-For the parallel platform for recording the results of SYRIZA: Conquest of Greek democracy is the fair and unalterable elections, all this about the parallel systems also reminds the parallel currencies, I don’t attach much importance, I don’t think anyone will question the result.

– Regarding the Katrougalou case and whether there is a hidden agenda in SYRIZA: Let’s see what was done in the past. In 2015, SYRIZA had not revealed to us what it would do with the Katrougalou law, which crushed the middle class, they deeply believe this, they were not wrong. I have no doubt that these views are dominant in SYRIZA, it is their secret plan

– I seek to reduce inequalities by structurally reducing unemployment. We’ve had pension rises of almost 8%, we’ve had extra help with the abolition of the solidarity levy, we’ll continue to support those on personal difference until it goes away in the next few years. The support will come from the outperformance of the economy, without crushing the middle class in taxes. Do you believe SYRIZA will give a 13th pension retroactively? He brought the Katrougalou law, without telling us anything. We will continue to increase pensions and support pensioners.

-For indirect taxes, why are they not reduced: If the purpose is to reduce prices, it has no effect. Tried in other countries, to no avail. We will miss this money from somewhere. Inflation will fall, it is already falling. Food inflation is persistent but falling. We’ve seen the worst of accuracy. Structurally, the problem will be solved. We have temporary measures, such as the market pas. The household basket created transparency and put an order. The purchase worked. For the EFK in fuel, the SYRIZA proposal will cost 2 billion tell us where it will find it. We taxed to support the electricity bills. We have now returned to a normality in energy prices. If we want to destroy PPC, let it become public again. The state controls 34% of PPC. 18 months ago we had a big problem with the electricity, now there is no complaint.

– Regarding the funds of the Recovery Fund: Mr. Tsipras went to Brussels in 2015 after the referendum – a travesty – and came back with an unnecessary memorandum. I also went to Brussels and negotiated and brought back 31 billion for the country. I personally negotiated them. Greece is a champion in the absorption of resources. What they say about Brussels and renegotiation is nonsense. The personal assistant, the 36,000 interactive whiteboards for schools, is with recovery fund money. Our program is priced. When we say that we will give that we will give money to health, it is priced. My big bet is the new national health system. The system dealt with the pandemic, other issues were left behind.

– We have almost eliminated ranches, health is not being privatized. Filling vacant positions is a big problem, we will solve it. Can’t an entire island find a home for a doctor? We will cover the gaps, telemedicine gives us possibilities, we are working on a new air transport framework – we will buy services there. The first increases we gave are to the National Social Security. We have talked about a total of 10,000 recruitments in the National Social Security System over the four years.