“I said clearly that this is a self-reliance order, the Minister of State emphasized in his statements George Gerapetritis from the central offices of the ND.

In detail, he told reporters: “We will wait for the final results to make our final assessments. However, it is clear that ND will have a very important victory. I want to say that the Greek people evaluated the past but voted for their future. Vote for stability, consistency, prosperity. And I want to say that in this way he gave a clear command of self-reliance to SW. I want to commit like all the members of the government and the party, just like our prime minister will say shortly in his statement that we will work hard, as we have done until today for the good of our country. For us, one thing is important, for the country to move forward, which needs big breaks and the ND government, an independent ND government is the only one that can commit to big breaks for big changes and the well-being of the Greek people. Today the Greek people voted not only for today and tomorrow but for the next generations. And we pledge with humility, with seriousness, with hard work without any conceit and arrogance to continue the hard work so that we can see our homeland where it deserves”.