Turkey carried out a second test launch of the Tayfun ballistic missile yesterday and the Turkish media began the analysis.

As SKAI correspondent Manolis Kostidis reports from Istanbul, Turkey’s television networks are doing analysis after analysis, while making references to the 300 km range, something that Erdogan had threatened Greece with in the past, saying that it could hit even Athens.

In its report, “CNN Turk” reported: “The test firing of the domestically manufactured Tayfun ballistic missile continues. For the second time, it was launched from Rizundas-Artvin airport. On October 18, 2022, the first test firing of the Tayfun missile, which is manufactured in collaboration between Roketsan and the Directorate of Defense Industry, took place.

For its part, the “A Haber” channel: “The domestic ballistic missile was launched for the second time from Rizunda airport. Thus the phase of the tests from the area of ​​Rizunda was completed. Missiles with a range of 300 kilometers are classified as short-range ballistic missiles.

Turkish presidency video on Erdogan – ‘He is the hope for all humanity’

Meanwhile, the apotheosis of Tayyip Erdoğan’s face continues a few days before the 2nd round of the elections. The Turkish presidency, with a video uploaded on social media, praises President Erdogan, stressing among other things that “he is the hope for all humanity”!

The video reads: “A man who became hope for humanity. A leader who paves the way for his people. A commander-in-chief who with his army goes on to many victories. We see your efforts, the sweat on your brow that you have for every effort you make for your people. Your effort to put every little gem. We know how your heart beats for the homeland from Edirne to the city of Kars. We know you by the courage you show in the path you are on. You stand up against injustice.

We know you from the beliefs because in Agia Sophia you ended the nostalgia that lasted for 100 years. We find you in dozens of ideas that don’t fit into molds. In your fight that strikes fear into tyrants. We find you in your heart that offers love to the sick. Behind you, you have millions of people who believe in you and trust you.”

Aksener against Erdogan: With the Greek-Egyptian agreement we lost half of the “Blue Homeland”

Against Tayyip Erdogan succeeded the president of the Good Party Meral Aksener, in an interview with the Haberturk network, stating that with his hostile policy towards Egypt, the Fatah al-Sisi-Kyriakos Mitsotakis agreement was reached and an essential… half of the “Blue Homeland” was lost”.

“We quarreled with Egypt… who benefited from that? Greece”
reported Meral Aksener as reported by SKAI’s Istanbul correspondent Manolis Kostidis.

“They say “Blue Homeland” and “Blue Homeland”… I am referring to a system that as the Good Party we said “yes” to. But lost… half of the “Blue Homeland”” he said characteristically.

“Are you referring to the Greece-Egypt agreement?” a reporter asked her. “Yes, she’s the one I’m referring to” Aksener replied.

“Does Mr. Erdogan know how the Aegean Army was founded in 1975?” he wondered.

Ankara claims that the mission of the Aegean Army is to protect the western borders of the Aegean, against the threat of the Greek army on the islands. Greece is against the existence of the Aegean Army, pointing out that it poses a threat to the Greek islands, and its borders, citing the army’s powerful amphibious forces, which are of an aggressive nature.

The Blue Homeland, (Mavi Vatan), is a doctrine of Turkish politics according to which Turkey should have a dominant role in the Eastern Mediterranean. Greece and Cyprus emphasize that Ankara questions the territorial integrity of countries in the region.

THE Greco-Egyptian an agreement that… shook Aksener

It is recalled that in 2020 Greece and Egypt reached an agreement on the demarcation of maritime zones. The agreement was signed by the foreign ministers of the two countries, Nikos Dendia and Sameh Shoukry in Cairo.

As diplomatic sources had emphasized at the time, the agreement effectively deals with Turkey’s illegal attempt to delimit the EEZ directly with Egypt, violating the sovereign rights of the Greek islands in maritime zones.

As the same sources said, this agreement is part of a broader strategy of settling bilateral outstandings, building alliances with third parties in a way that promotes national interests, based on respect for International Law.

“The influence of islands in marine zones is secured”

The same sources spoke of a balanced agreement, fully in line with the law of the sea as it has been applied in practice and in jurisprudence. “Our firm position that the islands have sovereign rights to the continental shelf and EEZ is solemnly confirmed,” they said, adding that “the influence of our islands in maritime zones is guaranteed.”

According to the same sources, in the negotiations for the agreement, the basic criteria were the provisions of the Law of the Sea and mainly the right of the islands to maritime zones.

“The message in all directions is that Greece does not make illegal agreements, nor does it force other countries into lion agreements. It negotiates and demarcates based on the law of the sea and the correctness of our policy against illegal actions such as the Turkish-Libyan memorandum is demonstrated by the fact that Cairo demarcated with Greece, despite Turkey’s futile attempts to outbid by offering Egypt a larger EEZ said the same sources, among others.

“The agreement confirms the nullity of the Turkish-Libyan memorandum”

According to the same sources, it is an agreement between countries that do not question each other’s rights, do not blackmail and do not threaten. At the same time, as the same sources added, the agreement confirms the nullity of the Turkish-Libyan memorandum.

The agreement, according to the same sources, was concluded with Cairo after 13 rounds of negotiations and 15 years after their initiation as well as 8 months after the Ankara-Tripoli agreement.

“Now, in addition to practically confirming the invalidity of the illegal Turkish-Libyan memorandum, we are asserting our legal rights, in agreement with a neighboring country. Our diplomatic position is strengthened even more, highlighting with absolute clarity that the Turkish claims are absolutely illegal and non-territorial”, continued the same sources, observing that Libya is now between two completely legal demarcations (Greece-Italy and Greece-Egypt).

“It has been confirmed that the observance of the law of the sea is a sufficient and necessary condition for the delimitation of maritime zones of the countries in the region. We hope that Turkey and Libya will understand and harmonize with this reality so that it is possible to settle all related outstanding issues,” he added.