A clear statement was made by Nikos Alivizatosregarding Kasidiaris’ announcement according to which he will take part in the elections of June 25 as an independent, as the Supreme Court has already blocked the “Hellenes” party.

The professor Constitutional Lawmade it clear that “no combination of independent candidates is meant”.

In fact, responding to a journalist’s question about Kasidiaris’ statement, Mr. Alivizatos emphasized: “There is no combination of independent candidates throughout the country. It is, in fact, a political party. It is an obvious attempt to circumvent the prohibitive provisions of the recent law.”

Earlier the Ilias Kasidiaris through his personal account on Twitter, he had announced that he will be an independent candidate in the first election of Athens with the coalition of Independent Candidates under the name “Greeks”.

He himself invoked the words of the constitutionalist Nikos Alivizatos, trying to overcome the judicial block in his party and saying that he will step down as a coalition of independent candidates and not as a party.

“In the elections of June 25th, I will be an independent candidate for Member of Parliament of Athens with the coalition of Independent Candidates under the name HELLENES. The declaration of my candidacy will be based on the provisions of the electoral law and the opinion of Alivizatos: “If Kasidiaris and his friends appear as a “coalition of independents” and not as a party and gather more than 3% of the votes (something very likely now) , members of the public will be able to enter the Parliament. This is explicitly defined by paragraph 1 of article 99 of the electoral law (p.d. 26/2012)”.