He characterized the statements that have been heard in the last few days as incorrect, including that of Dimitris Papadimoulis, the SYRIZA member of parliament, George Tsiprasspeaking on the show Today on SKAI.

“The statements you hear in the last few days will stop from today, some of them have been completely wrong, because of the timing they are made, because they offer absolutely nothing, and I am also referring to Mr. Papadimoulis,” said Mr. Tsipras.

He emphasized that today we are discussing the elections, there will be a change in the slogans of SYRIZA, not in the program.

Regarding Alexis Tsipras, he said that there is no issue in the current phase “and when I say current phase, I don’t mean only until the elections, and after the elections”.

He added that “the fact that we have to discuss what was done and what was not done is something that can be discussed obviously”.

He continued: “We have suffered a crushing defeat, no one disputes that. The defeat raises questions for SYRIZA, for its immediate future. We must immediately recover, the correlation in society is not the one recorded at the ballot box, we must discuss what events led to this landslide which is a rare phenomenon, not only in Greece but also abroad”.

He added that “the appetite may have been awakened in dynamic centers to end with SYRIZA, to end with Tsipras, and this is one more reason to do our best, to get serious, to go and fight the ND”.

He emphasized that the conditions exist in society for us to recover and added that the main threat is the blank check to Kyriakos Mitsotakis to govern in the next four years.

“A blank check should not be given and ND should not have self-reliance,” he said.