PASOK – Movement for Change does not intend to co-govern with New Democracy, yet and if on June 26 it has 148 or 149 seats, pointed out Nikos Androulakis, speaking to ANT1. There is no chance of cooperation with the ND, he stressed, and predicted that “PASOK will become the strong and reliable opposition pole”.

Nikos Androulakis clarified that the goal of PASOK is to become a majority force in the progressive space

“PASOK’s strategy for the June 25 elections is one: to express the progressive world as a majority,” he said. “My struggle has no ceiling, but I’m not an ethereal man,” said the leader of PASOK.

The president of PASOK spoke of a “clear victory” for ND, and noted that the difference of 20 points secured by Mr. Mitsotakis is unprecedented, laying the blame for this on SYRIZA. Mr. Androulakis said that his party made a productive opposition, with crucial bills that PASOK voted for, while SYRIZA did not, and gave as an example the defense agreement with France and the extension of the fence on the Evros.

He launched a fierce attack on SYRIZA, claiming that “the self-reliance of Kyriakos Mitsotakis is the work of the SYRIZA leadership team”, while addressing to Kyriakos Mitsotakis claimed that “terrorism” has passed with the scenario of a government of cooperation even with the Varoufakis party, while everyone knows that PASOK always has a historical attitude to things, it never played with the drachma, like others”. “Kyriakos Mitsotakis was trying before the elections to sack PASOK with those who played with the drachma, but he did not succeed”, that “ND committed fiscal “crimes” during the four years and what it has promised it will not be able to implement.

He emphasized the programmatic priorities of PASOK, called on those who did not vote for it to support the project and asked the other political leaders to organize debates on the major issues of the economy and foreign policy and tax inequalities.