“Last night we learned that the ‘politburo’ of SYRIZA decided to impose a general public ‘silence’ on its members, placing a central embargo on their appearances in the media. From now on, only a few executives will be “free” from the headquarters of Koumoundourou to express themselves publicly on television and radio broadcasts, while the rest – we guess – will first be evaluated by the party’s censorship committee based on the written text of “self-criticism” they were invited to testify and if this meets the specifications then maybe they will be “free”” says the press representative of the ND Akis Skertsos in his statement.

He emphasizes that SYRIZA reacts to the defeat not with more democracy but with censorship. “The Stalinist doctrine of “speaking your opinion as long as it is correct” returns in 2023! After all, we saw it at the meeting of the Central Committee, where the speeches of executives other than Alexis Tsipras were banned,” he adds.

Mr. Skertsos notes that while Kyriakos Mitsotakis urges and encourages our executives to strengthen in every way, with their voice and public presence, the political discourse of New Democracy, the MPs and executives of SYRIZA should they first get approval to appear in media.

Finally, he calls on the executives of SYRIZA to answer whether they will tolerate such silencing practices. And if so, what message do they send to citizens about the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of individual expression?

He also asks if the media and journalists will accept it? And he adds “aren’t SYRIZA worried that with such practices we may fall further into the “independent report” of Reporters Without Borders for the freedom of the Press in our country?”