We have decided in the next period to reconstitute the SYRIZA program, Alexis Tsipras said in his statement after the first meeting of the SYRIZA-PS electoral committee under his presidency.

“”Today’s formation and meeting of the new electoral commission is a tangible proof that we have heard and are listening to the message of the Greek citizens, we are receiving the message and doing everything we can to become better” said Alexis Tsipras characteristically and continued:

“Our answer is one, we are setting the bar high and mobilizing every human resource in order to achieve our great goal, which is the reversal of the correlations of May 21 in view of the next elections. We are fully aware of the difficulties, we are fully aware of this great difficulty, but at the same time we are also fully aware that what the Greek people are asking for is, for the most part, answers to their problems. He asks for justice, he asks for the mitigation of inequalities, he asks for answers to the big issues that concern him in his daily life, in his future”.

As he pointed out, “our decision is in the next period to try to reconstitute the program positions and proposals of SYRIZA-PS for the next four years. Our programmatic positions will be the focus of our campaign and election campaign in the coming period. We will talk about accuracy, about public health, about education. We will talk in the next period with more clarity about how citizens will be able to have a higher income. We will have the opportunity to highlight the great dilemma and stake of the next four years, which is how and in what ways and who will manage the 70 billion. of the Recovery fund. The entire electoral committee will contribute to this great effort. Everyone and even more will be used in this goal.”

At the same time, the president of SYRIZA-PS thanked those who accepted to participate in this election committee and especially Dionysis Tebonera. “A member of a new generation with a presence in his professional field as a combative lawyer for labor rights,” said Mr. Tsipras.

“We are going to fight a battle with the aim of reversing the correlations, we know the difficulty but this is our goal. The next period will be a period in which we will mobilize every possibility we have to address each Greek man and woman separately. We can have a better result. We can prevent these unfavorable correlations” concluded Alexis Tsipras.