For “hypocritical noise of SYRIZA about the health coverage of the non-insured El. Professionals” says the representative of the ND Akis Schertsos responding to the coordinator of the Electoral Committee of SYRIZA – PS, Dionysis Tebonera. “They built a new oven, the same pretzels are being made” comments Mr. Skertsos, stating that SYRIZA voted for the favorable regulation of the government of ND for the insurance and health coverage of non-insured self-employed professionals, which he is today denouncing.

“The labor expert Mr. D. Teboneras, as a member of the famous new election committee of SYRIZA that carefully hid the “old” to bring forward the so-called “new”, entered his new role with ease. Unfortunately, however, instead of strengthening his party’s credibility, he further undermines it by doing what only SYRIZA knows how to do better than anyone else: changing positions, lying and mocking the citizens. We remind Mr. Tebonera, therefore, that his party upvoted on 3/22/2022 the government’s favorable regulation for the insurance and health coverage of non-insurance-aware freelancers, which he is today denouncing,” says the ND official.

We repeat, notes Mr. Skertsos, that this is a favorable regulation that was voted in an emergency in 2022 and was overwhelmingly voted for by SYRIZA, because it responded with a three-month extension of the regulation and a reduced payment of contributions to a fair request of the El. Professionals. The exact same arrangement was renewed this year.

“According to the same regulation and what is permanently in force, those who do not have insurance capacity still have access to health services through the provision for coverage of the uninsured with access to the National Health Service, prescription by public structures and conditional prescription by private individuals. They don’t only have access to services from private structures with which EOPYY cooperates.”

And we ask, adds Mr. Skertsos: What is the position of SYRIZA in the end? Is the regulation of Article 76 of Law 4915/2022 good or bad for freelancers? And why, after voting for her then, is she denouncing her today?

“We would expect more seriousness and responsibility from SYRIZA after the results of May 21. But it turns out that this is practically impossible.”

“P.S. For the sake of truth, we are also attaching a copy of the votes of the KO group of SYRIZA so that Mr. Teboneras can be informed,” concludes Mr. Skertsos.