The president of PASOK gave answers to the questions raised about PASOK’s financial program in an interview with the central news bulletin and Sia Kosioni. Nikos Androulakis.

Its head PASOK he referred to “fake news that bombards the news every day” and called on the leaders of all parties to go to Parliament and submit their programs to the budget office. He also invited Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the other party leaders to participate in a debate and talk about the economy.

Regarding the economic program PASOK stated:

“Every day they bombard the news with fake news. Our candidate was asked if ENFIA will be repealed and he said no. We have voted three times to reduce ENFIA. Unfortunately for Mr. Mitsotakis, I know the economic models of Western Europe. I will not allow my country to become Hungary. This is the model that Mitsotakis wants. Our executive never talked about profit tax. For dividends, we said 5% up to 50,000, 10% up to 100,000 and 15% over 100,000.

Either we will have a strong welfare state and fair taxation or we will have unfair taxation and a weak welfare state. The anxiety of Mr. Mitsotakis is the 2,000 richest families. The tax is not on profits. The 1,000 euros in dividends annoyed Mr. Schertsos, or the 5 billion taxes that have hit the middle class.”

On the tax on parental benefits he said:

“We say 400,000 for the child and if both parents are 800,000… the tax is over 800,000 euros. Is it tax-inducing for people who inherit property of 3 and 4 million euros to pay tax? An insult to have a tax exemption on such large amounts. For PASOK, priority is fair taxation and demographics. To give tax incentives to support the family with two children”.

He said about the excess profits of the companies:

“We will tax energy production, banks and energy suppliers. We are not punitive for business.”

Regarding the VAT reduction, he said:

“It is an emergency measure to reduce some specific products.”

Addressing Kyriakos Mitsotakis, he said: “I am asking Mr. Mitsotakis how he will increase the wages of the private sector. By royal decree? I intend to go to the Parliament’s budget office and submit our programs.”

He said about the debate:

“I invite Mr. Mitsotakis and the other parties to a debate, to talk about the economy. 50 billion more debt and he asks me where I will find the 3 billion”.

He added: “New Democracy has created a huge fiscal problem in the country. The debts accumulated by Mitsotakis are for the next generations”.

Regarding the veto in the person of Mitsotakis, he said:

“Mitsotakis policies lead the country to long-term adventures. And Karamanlis won the elections, didn’t the country enter into adventures?”

Regarding the threshold for the June 25 elections, he said:

“The threshold is for the faction to once again become the main opponent of New Democracy.”