We do not expect a reaction or a denial from SYRIZA nor the dismissal of Nikos Filisthe secretary of the Political Committee of the New Democracy notes in his statement Pavlos Marinakis for the statements of the SYRIZA parliamentary candidate for the Muslim minority of Thrace.

It is recalled that in a television show, Mr. Filis said that in his opinion there is no Turkish minoritybut he answered positively to the question whether someone who speaks for the Turkish minority can be a candidate.

In his statement, Mr Mr. Marinakis notes:

Nikos Filis was clear, speaking openly about the Turkish minority in Thrace. And all this a few days after the complaints of local SYRIZA officials about the crude intervention of the Turkish Consulate in favor of the candidate who was elected with the party of Alexis Tsipras in Rodopi.
We do not expect any reaction and no denial from SYRIZA and Alexis Tsipras, nor certainly the dismissal of Nikos Filis.
He seems to have said nothing more and nothing less than his party line. And this line is contrary to international conventions and undermines the harmonious coexistence in Thrace.
The answer to these ideologies will be given by the citizens on June 25, both in the Rhodopes and throughout Greece.