The president of PASOK-Movement of Change, Nikos Androulakis, harshly criticized the ND, which he accused of discrediting the National Security Service, from Volos.

“The New Democracy reveals its ruthless face regarding the National Health System. With a delay of one day, Mr. Mitsotakis withdraws Mr. Pneumatikos from his ballot papers. He didn’t do it because of his unacceptable and cynical statements, but because he testified that the discrediting and deconstruction of the National Health System is a choice of the New Democracy”, said the president of PASOK-Movement of Change and added: “We have a duty to step into it the choice, which increases inequalities at the expense of the middle class and the weaker Greeks. It was not, after all, the first statement. Mr. Skertsos, in the midst of the pandemic, had stated that there is no reason to create a luxurious health system”

Mr. Androulakis noted that the ND “left the EKAV understaffed. Its fleet lacks at least 80 ambulances to meet international standards and 700 paramedics to man them. The result is that in the Cyclades and the Dodecanese, with the exception of some large islands such as Rhodes, there is barely an ambulance available 24 hours a day, while, according to the president of EKAV, -whom I visited the day before yesterday-, to meet the needs in Attica, 20 additional ambulances on each shift and 10 more at night.”

He criticized K. Mitsotakis for proceeding with a new blackmail. “We heard with surprise a new child blackmail,” said Mr. Androulakis and pointed out: “Vote for me, he said, so I don’t spoil your August vacation.” You know, all this reminds me of the previous argument: “Vote for me, because Androulakis doesn’t meet me”. All this is good for a laugh, but we have a duty to fight for New Democracy to acquire a real opponent. So that Mr. Mitsotakis can see what a reliable, progressive opposition means.”

He separated the position of PASOK-KINAL from the ND stating that its program has nothing to do with the program of New Democracy, “because very simply the plan of New Democracy is to deconstruct the social state, when we prioritize the regeneration of the social state. They serve 1,000 families in tax, otherwise their asymmetric reaction to our reasonable proposals for a fair tax system, proposals that have been implemented in all modern European states,” he underlined and added: “We are a historical progressive force that has no scope for convergence with the New Democracy. Based on the result of the popular verdict, according to the current electoral system, Mr. Mitsotakis would have 172 seats. Therefore, the most dangerous thing is the omnipotence of the New Democracy and not its false blackmails for elections in August. PASOK is here, united, strong to put a wall in the omnipotence of the conservative faction.”

According to Mr. Androulakis, “even if Mr. Mitsotakis finds himself at the ballot box on June 25, which we wish from the bottom of our hearts, he has other partners in the political system. After all, he had the political children of Karatzaferis in the top three ministries: Mr. Voridis, Mr. Georgiadis, Mr. Pleuris. Mr. Karatzaferis recently openly supported him while a few days ago Failos Kranidiotis also entered the strategic plan of New Democracy. Well, since all of them are close to you, Mr. Mitsotakis, take Kyriakos Velopoulos to build the right-wing and far-right apartment building and let the progressive, democratic faction embrace in a genuine way the anxieties of the Greek people for a just society, for a society that gives perspective to new generations”.

Commenting on the recent statements of Alexis Tsipras, the president of PASOK-Movement of Change underlined: “He arrogantly insists on not acknowledging his share of responsibility for the increase in New Democracy’s rates. His opposition was a “golden” sponsor of Mr. Mitsotakis. However, I did not expect the self-criticism of Mr. Tsipras for his defeat by New Democracy. He says that it is the fault of PASOK, the KKE, the simple analogy. But, there was no simple analogy in 2019 when he was defeated in the European, national and municipal elections. And, if it weren’t for Stavros Arnautakis in Crete, all 13 regions would be blue. Mr. Mitsotakis has learned well and is trying to keep Mr. Tsipras standing. How else can I not call him a “sponsor” of New Democracy, with his palinades about “Prespes of the Aegean”, about a “sea without borders” and the latest statements of his executives about the “Turkish” minority. All of this constitutes “sponsorship” to New Democracy. Here is the democratic, progressive and above all patriotic faction, which has nothing to do with this nonsense at the expense of our national interests.”

He made a call to progressive citizens stating: “I call on all citizens of the left and center left to join us in this new march to rebuild our home, the home of the democratic faction. The home of progress, of hope. The house that is the real opponent of the right and conservation. We are ready. Come on June 25, let’s hold hands, embrace the anxieties of the Greek people and re-establish the party of Andreas Papandreou with a strong popular verdict.”

“Today, I passed by Tempi, to lay some flowers and to send a message. We have a duty not to forget – and we will not forget – the state that tragically led 57 people to lose their lives unjustly. A state that cannot ensure the basics for its citizens. We also propose from here, from Volos, that an open international competition be held with financial incentives to bring the best Greeks with the best resumes, with competence, knowledge and consistency to serve the public interest. This is how we will build meritocracy. This way the citizens will understand that this tragedy in which 57 lives were unjustly lost, will not happen again, because we will radically change our state for the benefit of the Greek people, for the benefit of the weakest Greeks. There will be no impunity for the protagonists of the Tempe tragedy,” stressed Mr. Androulakis.