Zoe Konstantopoulou gave detailed answers to the reactions that occurred within her party from three candidate MPs, who made public their disagreement with the changes in the order of ballots, and at the same time launched a fierce attack against SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance.

In an interview she gave to the One Channel television station, the president of Plevsis Eleftherias initially recalled that she left the third place in the state without any problems. Consequently, he argued, “I cannot share a love for positions, which we do not even have. No one has the right to have such an expectation.”

And, then, she explained that she took the responsibility to shape the lists, with the criterion of having a Parliamentary Group, which “will not exist like it”. On the other hand, “the captain is the coach of the team, he can leave some of them on the bench, alas if they rebelled”, he characteristically noted. The reactions confirm that some should not have been on the lists, the bitterness is understandable on the other hand, he acknowledged. But, he insisted, everyone knew that the lists will not be the same, compared to those of May 21, given the order on the ballots.

In her interview Mrs. Konstantopoulou also reiterated that Freedom Sailing is not limited to the Left. On the contrary, it is addressed to all of society, he added. It is, after all, “the only anti-systemic party, it’s not even a party, it’s a movement”.

At another point he argued that some political forces are “on retreat”. When she was asked to name which ones she meant, she spoke of SYRIZA – Progressive Alliance and PASOK. The path of some, he observed, was completely predictable, that’s what happens when you say one thing and do another. Especially for SYRIZA, in fact, he said that it is part of the old political system and one finds characteristics in it, such as viciousness, corruption, entanglement.

Asked about her relations with the presidents of the two largest parties, she replied: “I don’t speak with Mr. Tsipras, we have formal relations with Mr. Mitsotakis.” And, closing, he promised that “from June 26 we will build the country differently”