The former prime minister, George Papandreou, had an unexpected meeting in the Marina of Patras.

According to his post on Facebook, he was at the location where the Israeli travel show “The Best in the world” was being filmed. Mr. Papandreou quite cheerful and comfortable participated in the shooting of the cooking competition and, in fact, in the role of judge.

At the end of filming, he congratulated the two children who competed against each other and told them: “You are both very good, may the best one win.”

In fact, he seized the opportunity to promote Patras as a tourist destination, stating that “it has very good restaurants, delicious food, warm hospitality, entertainment, culture, sea and mountain, a hidden destination that not many tourists know about”.

Mr. Papandreou’s post: “An unexpected meeting at the Marina of Patras with the crew of the Israeli travel show “The Best in the World” who asked me to participate in a different cooking competition as a judge, together with two new kids from Patras, Kalomira and Dimitris, it gave me a unique opportunity to promote our city and the entire county as a high-quality tourist destination in a large market such as Israel.
Achaia, like every corner of Greece, has enormous potential, as long as we believe in it and invest in its comparative advantages.”