Speaking to SKAI 100.3 he mentioned the big changes that are underway in the field of education Niki Kerameos, former Minister of Education and ND parliamentary candidate in the northern sector of Athens.
Mrs. Kerameos emphasized that one of the biggest changes is the experiential learning model which takes the students away from the sterile parrot.
He also stated that has been launched in all grades and in all classes, new material in all subjects. He even made it known that books are currently being written on the basis of the new programs.
Ms. Kerameos pointed out that there were books that had been left behind they had over 30 years to change

Referring to non-state universities noted that the possibility of establishing them is important because first of all – he said – we believe in the right of students to choose.

He added that the establishment of non-state universities will bring one noble competition with the state universities and then it will also lead to the continuous improvement of the state universities.
Mrs. Kerameos clarified that the effort must be continued strengthening of state public universities without this implying that non-state establishment should not be allowed.