New Democracy issued a statement about the attacks that the party’s polling booth in Chania received yesterday, calling it a “group of brazen thugs” while calling on all parties to condemn the incident.

The announcement of the New Democracy Press Office in detail:

“A group of brazen thugs attacked the election booth of New Democracy in Chania yesterday afternoon, while participating in a “solidarity march”. In total, the New Democracy booths throughout the territory have received more than 50 attacks throughout the pre-election period. In fact, in the last ones, as in yesterday’s in Chania, they attack party volunteers with violence and blows even in the face! Specifically yesterday, they went so far as to attack a citizen in a wheelchair! Their wretchedness knows no bounds. The Police and Justice will do their job. Our Democracy and the New Democracy are much stronger than their fascist and thug attacks! Fascists will get the answer they deserve at the polls on June 25th.

We consider it self-evident and imperative to condemn the attacks on New Democracy by all parties.”