“Determining the conditions and causes of the fatal capsize and sinking of the fishing vessel, resulting in the tragic loss of numerous fellow human beings, requires a thorough investigation of the real facts and complex technical judgments in order to highlight, with the required accuracy and completeness, the incidents of shipwreck and the search and rescue data encountered by the relevant agencies”, says in a statement the Maximus to investigate its conditions and causes shipwreck in international waters off it Pylos.

“The government listens, records and carefully evaluates all the relevant information, opinions and opinions, but its position is that it is left to the competent institutions within a state of law, and especially to the independent judiciary, to issue a definitive institutional judgment. It goes without saying that the Ministry of Shipping and Archipelago Politikis will continue to inform, providing information and clarifications about the shipwreck”, added characteristically in his announcement.